Digital CNC

Heidenhain’s TNC 620, a digital computer numerical control (CNC), can be customized with various features and software options giving machine builders and end users the ability to tailor the CNC to their specific needs.

End-user functions available on the TNC 620 such as the new DXF converter allows the user to open DXF files directly on the TNC to extract contours, point patterns or machining positions. 

When programming away from the machine, the TNC 620 automatically takes machine geometry into account—tilting the working plane, conducting cylinder surface machining, 3-D tool compensation and fast execution through short-block processing times, enabling it to handle complex operations.

Another important feature of the TNC 620 control is that it dynamically calculates and adapts to conditions. 

Visit: www.heidenhain.us.

Call: 877-565-9151.

Dynamometer system

Sakor Technologies has announced the AccuDyne AC dynamometer system for wind power testing applications. The system can be used by multiple engineering groups to test and verify designs, as well as for quality control testing after manufacturing. It is ideal for testing active and passive wind power driveline components.

The AccuDyne dynamometer system can be used to test turbines and their associated blade pitch control motors, generators, wind-sensing devices and motors, and transmissions. The system also can  be used for testing water coolant pumps and other ancillary components.

The AccuDyne comes packaged with the DynoLAB EM system. It features the ability to simulate inertia to test a wide range of large and small loads, torque pulse simulation for simulating components that exhibit cogging, and noise, vibration and harshness testing.

Call: 517-332-7256.

Visit: www.sakor.com.

Position gaging system

Albion Devices has announced the introduction of its non-contact ultrasonic gaging and positioning systems. These gages use air coupled, pulse echo acoustic technology which permits noncontact gaging for industrial applications.

Noncontact ultrasonic dimensional gaging applications include measurement of thickness, distance, position, perpendicularity, shape and orientation.

Other options for gaging include the use of parabolic mirrors for focusing, tilting mirrors for sound directional changes, and shaded apertures for surface detail in cluttered backgrounds.

Albion’s gages include the model UT 200 for noncontact thickness or outside dimension measuring, the model UI 210 for noncontact internal measurement and the model UD 100 for noncontact distance, position, fill level or movement measurement.

These models offer industrial users reliable, noncontact means to control production of such items as particle board, acrylic sheets, plywood and glass, and to measure distances, movement and fill levels, among potential quality control applications.

Email: paul@albiondevices.com.

Visit: www.albiondevices.com.

Surface mount accelerometer

Silicon Designs has introduced its model 1521 surface mount accelerometer series. The model 1521 series features non-ferrous construction and a nitrogen-damped micro-electro mechanical system sensing element. The model 1521 series is also insensitive to temperature changes and gradients, with signal output unaffected by electromagnetic interference and requiring no warm-up period.

Supported applications include oil and gas downhole monitoring, inertial measurements, tilt and position measurements for antennas, solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric spillway doors, and elevators, civil structure seismic monitoring, industrial vibration monitoring and analysis, robotics and machinery control.

Visit: www.silicondesigns.com.

Call: 425-391-8329.

Measurement sensor

Solartron Metrology has introduced the G-Type position and linear displacement measurement sensor with direct analog output. The G-Type models feature a linear variable differential transducer as the measuring element, and they also offer a choice of four measuring ranges: 2, 5, 10 or 20 mm.

The G-Type sensor incorporates Solartron Metrology’s AX probe into its design. The probe’s tight tolerance, cartridge-type bearing with chrome and carbon balls ensures that the G-Type supplies non-repeat linear measurements, while sustaining a long product life.

Visit: www.solartronmetrology.com.

Email: sales@solartronmetrology.com.

Density meter

Products in the petrochemical industry are often highly viscous and therefore not always easy to measure. To cope with these challenges, Anton Paar has developed Modulyzer for Petro. In its basic configuration, Modulyzer for Petro is a combination of a DMA 4100/4500 M density meter or a DMA 5000 M, an Abbemat-HP/WR refractometer and an Xsample Heated for the efficient, flexible and modular measurement of highly viscous petrochemical samples at temperatures of up to 80° C.

In addition to its modular concept, Anton Paar’s Modulyzer for Petro offers advantages such as simultaneous measurement of density, and the refractive index and automated filling by Xsample Heated. Modulyzer for Petro is designed for plug-and-play installation, requires small sample volumes and protects operators from exposure to putrid or hazardous solvents.

Visit: www.anton-paar.com.

Call: 800-722-7556 x118.

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