Capacitive sensor

Sick USA has announced the CM12 capacitive sensor. The CM12, which is enclosed in an M12 threaded housing, offers a teach button, making it ideal for a variety of applications. The CM12 can be used for detection tasks in the commercial goods, machine building, and electronic and solar industries.

The two-point teach button, one for maximum sensitivity and one for normal operation, enable device setup. An additional teach button option allows the sensor to "learn" the target.

The CM12 also includes an integrated humidity compensation feature that reduces false trips and switching errors caused by sensitivity to water or humidity.

Visit: www.sickusa.com.

Call: 800-325-7425.

Rotary encoders

Leine and Linde have added two encoder models with dual outputs to its 800 series product line for use in safety applications. The 855 and 865 model encoders incorporate heavy-duty bearings, robust enclosures and electronic designs, which are suited to withstand an environment where powerful vibrations and electronic disturbances such as overvoltage and short circuits are the norm. 

The two models meet the needs of equipment safety issues by incorporating two encoders using separate scanning LEDs and electronic circuits into one housing. The outputs are galvanically isolated from each other and may be connected to two separate systems depending upon the needs of the application.

Both the 855 and 865 encoders can be supplied with dual radial M23 12-pin connectors. The 865 can also support either customer-installed or pre-installed cables. The 855 comes with an 11 mm keyed shaft and B10 Euroflange mounting. The 865 can have either a 12 mm or 16 mm blind hollow-shaft with optional tether or torque bracket mountings.

Email: bsetbacken@heidenhain.com.

Call: 805-562-1160.


StatSoft has released Statistica version 12. This version has been designed to make the user experience more productive, with features that make model-building and data comprehension more accessible to people with little or no advanced analytics experience.

Statistica 12 includes a reinvented visual workflow, big data performance enhancements, new analytics and expanded capabilities for enterprise-level, multi-document storage. Additionally, Statistica 12 introduces a variety of practical nodes, query builders and reporting table tools.

Other features include flexible reporting tables, which enable users to visually build tables of summary statistics and use these tables in presentations and other reports. Also offered are new spreadsheet file formats, virtual variables and importing options that result in measurably faster software performance.

Email: info@statsoft.com.

Visit: www.statsoft.com.

Vision fixture system

R&R Fixtures’ Multi-Window Vision Fixture system is designed for inspecting and holding small parts needing to be viewed without obstructions.

Multiple parts of all shapes and sizes can be placed and held together in a tight circumference using the wide variety of fixturing components R&R has available in either M4 or ¼-20 thread size.

The clear acrylic fixture plate allows for complete viewing access of the part and comes in different sizes made specific to fit and properly mount to vision machine mounting locations.

Email: contactus@rrfixtures.com.

Visit: www.rrfixtures.com.

Temperature controller

Model 5R7-388 RoHS compliant controller from Oven Industries is a bidirectional control for independent thermoelectric modules or in conjunction with auxiliary or supplemental resistive heaters for both cooling and heating applications. The H-bridge configuration of the solid state Mosfet output devices allows for the bidirectional flow of current through the thermoelectric modules. Efficient N-channel output devices are used for this control mode.

This controller is PC programmable through an RS232 communication port for direct interface with a compatible PC. The accessible communications link permits a variety of operational mode configurations. Field selectable parameters or data acquisition in a half-duplex mode can be performed.

Visit: www.ovenind.com.

Call: 717-766-0721.

Laser tracker

Hexagon Metrology’s Leica AT402 is a portable 3-D absolute tracker can be used for fully guided 3-D measurement processes, as well as traditional inspection tasks. The Leica AT402 is ideal for large-volume, precision measurement applications performed by industries such aerospace, power generation, heavy equipment and other manufacturers that produce large components and assemblies.

The Leica AT402 features a simplified user interface with four pre-defined measurement profiles that adjust the instrument settings to different measurement conditions. Users can change settings for outdoor measurement jobs and for applications requiring speed or accuracy. The laser tracker’s design integrates other usability features, such as IR remote control, environmental monitoring and level to gravity.

The Leica AT402 comes standard with the exclusive Leica PowerLock technology, which automatically finds and locks onto any moving reflector within a field of view of one square meter at a five meter distance.

Visit: www.hexagonmetrology.us.

Call: 847-214-5234.

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