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Level setting in global quality trends

People can be selfish, but that is certainly not a bad thing as it relates to your career path and the lessons, training, information and connections that will help you be your best person. Often, we seek opportunities and information to help us help ourselves as individuals. We know—or at least can assume—that better people make better contributors which leads to better organizations.

Yet, awareness and knowledge of the big picture can help us truly understand the influences and trends we face in our professions, ultimately helping to drive improvement in areas where we fall short.

That’s why broad and comprehensive research into the state of global quality is so exciting. Twenty-two countries and 1,991 organizations later, ASQ is now able to roll out the ASQ Global State of Quality reports—there will be three in all when the final report is released later this year.

Assistant editor Amanda Hankel synthesizes the information found in the first report in the series in the article, "Measuring Up." There are some surprises in the research—one is the widespread, worldwide use of ISO standards as a quality framework. There are other findings that essentially validate what we already know to be true.

The article provides a solid basis of understanding for where your organization stands compared to other organizations around the world. Culture, training, management and governance are just a few of the topics covered. The first two reports are available in full at www.globalstateofquality.com.

Ever heard of a "broken arrow"? I hadn’t, until I read Jack B. ReVelle’s captivating account of how he led a team that dismantled two nuclear weapons after the plane carrying them disintegrated following in-air refueling over Faro, NC, in 1961.

The potential destructive force of the two bombs was 400 times that of the one dropped on Hiroshima with an 8-1/2 mile, 100% kill radius.

The story, "Broken Arrow," is fascinating, and the skill and precision needed to do what those men did to recover and deactivate the bombs is astounding.

Yet, a consummate quality professional, what was ReVelle’s takeaway?

"Whether the B-52 carrying the two bombs disintegrated in flight due to faulty design or manufacturing, there’s never been a question in my mind that poor quality was the cause."

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