Measuring Up

Abstract:Without a comprehensive view of the current state of quality (that is, how organizations around the world use quality tools, techniques, and continuous improvement systems) on a global level, it has been difficult to identify future opportunities for improvement. To change this, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) partnered with the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) to begin to get some answers to these questions. The subsequent surveys formed the basis of the ASQ Global State of Quality reports, the first two of which were released in May and July of 2013. The reports are available for download on the ASQ Global State of Quality website. The survey questions can be summarized as follows: 1) What does quality mean to you? 2) What do your quality processes do, and how do you manage them? 3) How do you measure quality? 4) Would you say you've established a culture of quality within your organization? Organizations may find it worthwhile to consider their answers to these …

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A very good overview of quality status over the world. I hope it could provide information on LSS implementation.
--Shu Liu, 08-27-2013

Good article and does relate to the multiple facets of the perception of Quality. So many struggle as to what Quality is and especially what is First Time Quality... not eventual Quality
--Craig Hoel, 08-09-2013

Very Good!
I rate this article as 4.
--Sudheendra Gumaste, 08-09-2013

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