Raising the Bar

Abstract:Over the first few years of an operational excellence (OPEX) initiative such as a lean or Six Sigma program, significant results are usually realized. However, at some point in time, such programs tend to stagnate. When this happens, OPEX leaders and executives need to decide whether and how the program needs to change, where to go next, and how to effectively manage the transition. The article discusses several factors to consider in making each of these decisions, and explores three possible courses of action for taking an OPEX program to a new level: 1) Expand the program scope; 2) Manage processes and align goals; and 3) Manage strategic projects. The authors conclude that there is no single correct answer for where to take an OPEX next. The most suitable answer can be found by taking an honest look at the current state of the program, engaging program representatives and key stakeholders, and evaluating how to best add value to the …

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In my opinion, besides all the alternatives presented, every time we have a new customer, a new product, a new equipment, a new business or plant expansión or new employees, we can continue with the generation of new ideas and in consequence, with the continuous improvement effort (LSS, Kaizen or OPEX). This is the continuous improvement opportunity. Good article. Congratulations to the authors.
--Humberto Vidales, 08-26-2013

Very well thought through write up.
--Benson, 08-11-2013

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