Machining center

Kern Precision has introduced the Kern Micro, a compact, 5-axis vertical machining center. The Micro is ideal for manufacturers with ultra-precision requirements and a wide range of production needs for nanoscale to large-sized parts.

The machine tool can accommodate large workpieces up to 350mm in diameter and 220mm in height. The Micro offers precise machining with accuracy down to +/-0.5 microns, with achievable part accuracy down to +/-2 microns. The product delivers high repeatability for reliable and productive operation.

The Micro offers a tool cabinet with a quick-change pallet for more than 200 tools. The system also includes a workpiece palletization system using a System 3R Macro Magnum or Erowa Power automatic chuck as a pallet receiver.

Other features include an automatic laser tool measuring system, a workpiece probing system and an advanced temperature control system for maintaining and ensuring the highest possible accuracies.

Call: 508-943-7202.

Visit: www.kernprecision.com.

Digital weight indicator

Rice Lake’s 480 Legend Series will replace the IQ355. The 480 Legend Series offers programming flexibility for batching, incorporates a time and date function, and also can be used independently as a remote display. These features were not previously available in this class of weight indicator.

Like the IQ355, the 480 Legend Series fills a need for basic scale configuration and weight-based process control in a wide range of industries.

Call: 800-472-6703

Visit: www.ricelake.com/480.

Scan system

Tekscan’s High Speed I-Scan is a pressure and force measurement system capable of capturing data from high-speed events such as impact studies, and automobile safety and crash testing.

The system provides data acquisition, and software with 2D and 3D pressure displays, clear graphs and analytic capabilities. Dynamic force and pressure distribution events appear in real-time displays and data are captured as a recording on your PC.

High Speed I-Scan uses Tekscan’s thin sensors, which fit in tight areas. The system is also minimally disruptive to the true pressure pattern, and provides output that identifies local, peak and spatial pressures. Tekscan’s sensors have a ~5-microsecond response time with scanning speeds up to 20,000 Hz, ensuring accurate data capture.

Visit: www.tekscan.com/pressure-distribution-measurement-system.

Call: 800-248-3669.


Onset has unveiled added enhancements to the web-based monitoring software HOBOlink. The software now enables automatic delivery of building performance and weather data through email or file transfer protocol. It also provides 24/7 data access and remote management for Onset’s web-based HOBO U30 data logging systems.

The system lets users schedule automatic delivery of exported data files, and users also can configure the data export in a highly customized way. For example, a user who has four HOBO U30 systems measuring multiple parameters has the ability to configure HOBOlink to automatically export temperature data only within a specified time range. This lets users focus only on the data that are important to them.

HOBOlink also allows users to easily access current and historical data, set alarm notifications and relay activations, and manage and control HOBO U30 systems without needing to go into the field. An application programming interface is available to organizations that want to integrate energy and environmental data from HOBOlink web servers with custom software applications.

Call: 800-564-4377.

Visit: www.onsetcomp.com.


Spectra-Physics has introduced the Spirit ps 1040-10, a picoseconds laser for precision micromachining applications. The laser delivers advanced beam quality, stability and short pulse widths. It also features user-adjustable repetition rates from single shot to 1 MHz and an integrated pulse picker for fast pulse selection and power control.

The laser is ideal for precision picosecond micromachining applications such as semiconductor and LED manufacturing, flat panel display processing, thin film ablation and nano structuring.

Spectra-Physics’ Spirit ps 1040-10 laser is based on the Spirit industrial laser platform.

Call: 408-980-4300

Visit: www.newport.com/spirit-ps.

Data verification

Cognex has released an updated version of the In-Sight Track and Trace identification and data verification solution for healthcare serialization. This version includes features that address additional requirements for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to achieve unit-level product traceability.

Customers can use In-Sight Track and Trace 2.0 with multiple networked In-Sight vision systems to decode human-readable text along with 2-D and 1-D barcodes, including Data Matrix, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar, securPharm and Pharmacode.

In-Sight Track and Trace can be integrated into third-party serialization software and includes secure user authentication and automatic audit trail generation.

Call: 855-426-4639.

Visit: www.cognex.com/tracktrace.

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