Feeling Connected

Abstract:According to this article, workplace motivation is achieved by tapping into the seven internal desires and drives of a person and connecting him or her to an objective. The article discusses each of these desires: to be heard and understood; to be affirmed; to be blessed (treated with honor and respect); to be safe; to be touched (connected with colleagues through genuine rapport); to be chosen (for one's skills, talents, work, and ability); and to be included (in the achievement of organizational …

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I liked how the ISO 9001 standards were referenced in relation to the article's content.
--Claire , 01-25-2014

Since I have been in the industry, I can tell you that 95% of the people searchs and needs these desires. Excellent article.
--Humberto, 08-20-2013

excellent article. Everyone should read this
--Elizabeth Fowler, 07-16-2013

I agree that this is one of the best articles on employee engagement that I have read. Amazing article!
--Christina, 07-15-2013

Great article. Should be mandatory reading for all employees, especially management.
--Robert P. Seymour, 07-10-2013

I could have saved myself a LOT of stress if I had read this article a year or so ago. I really liked the ending because I was starting to blame myself (as a person) for failed relationship with my team but I realise that its not because I was a bad manager, I simply overlook relationships to focus on tasks. Won't be making that mistake at my new job. Great article.
--Janieze Mitchell, 07-10-2013

Excellent article
--Charon Abbott, 07-09-2013

Jonathan's insightful article is one of the best I've read about employee engagement and motivation. He has clearly outlined the key aspects that leaders ignore at their peril. Thanks!
--Janet Lentz, 07-08-2013

Great article; no matter how well we as individuals think we listen, we can always do a better job at it. Thanks for the reminder!
--Ryan, 07-04-2013

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