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Contribution proves to be key component

What motivates people most in their work lives? Would it surprise you to learn it’s not money? Recent research reveals that people are motivated most by their ability to make steady progress on meaningful work. Daniel Pink, a keynote speaker at ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement, talked about this concept at the May event. (For a brief recap on the conference turn to Keeping Current or visit http://asq.org/blog.)

By nature, quality professionals are eliciting positive changes within their organizations all the time. Immediate gratification, however, is what’s sometimes lacking. That is not the case for the organization featured in this month’s cover story,  “To All Corners of Kenya.” The organization, Kenya Pharma, delivers much-needed, affordable HIV/AIDS medication to a network across the African country of Kenya. The work, as is stated in the article, is truly a matter of life and death.

The ISO 9001-certified Kenya Pharma project is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and implemented by Chemonics International. Its quality management system (QMS) spans the entire business cycle. The movement toward a QMS and subsequent certification has allowed the company to make great strides in the number of customers they serve and how well.

“On a daily basis, ISO 9001 helps ensure problems that do arise in the supply chain are systematically documented and addressed not only to correct an immediate issue, but also to gather data on larger trends impacting the project’s ability to serve its customers through the corrective and preventive action process,” according to the article.

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