Portable analyzer

Spectro Analytical Instruments’ Spectroscout portable energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) analyzer enables rapid, laboratory-class elemental analysis of environmental and geological samples in remote locations.

The portable analyzer is ideal for on-site environmental and geological analysis. In shale gas boundary layer detection, for instance, it allows for data-based direction changes that increases drilling productivity.

The Spectroscout portable ED-XRF analyzer is encased in rugged housing with its X-ray source protected. Its features include a large sample compartment, x-ray tube, onboard processor, and high-yield battery pack. An optional integrated video system allows spot testing and image storage.

It provides precise measurements from trace to minor and major concentrations across a range of relevant elements from heavy elements, such as uranium, to light elements, such as sodium. The touchscreen interface provides access to analysis results and measured spectra.

Email: spectro.info@ametek.com.

Visit: www.ametek.com.

Extension tables

R&R Fixture Xtension tables are designed for the mounting of portable coordinate measuring machines or laser scanning machines. The tables feature rigid aluminum extruded structures that can hold a lot of weight for any size, material or shape of part you can inspect.

The tables are available with ¼-20 or M8 threaded plate and components for locating and elevating parts off the surface for full inspection of the part, whether using touch probe or laser. R&R offers a variety of components to be used with the Xtension Tables.

Call: 616-847-6045.

Visit: www.rrfixtures.com.

Gage calibration software

GAGEpack from PQ Systems is gage calibration software that maintains complete histories of measurement devices, instruments and gages. The software features tools such as calibration schedules and reports, alerts about failed and past-due calibrations, gage location and status, tracking repair records, audit trail for traceability and a task tab with a "to-do" list. It also features an optional email alert system that sends reminders.

The "to-do" list indicates items requiring attention for a user-selected period of time. It includes the ability to estimate due dates for gages based on the number of uses rather than time, and then it prints worksheets directly from the list. The list can be filtered by action and ordered with a simple click of column headers, and also can be sent by email attachment to designated receivers.

If a temperature humidity USB monitor is connected, GAGEpack will record the temperature and humidity for a new calibration or verification event. Acceptable temperature and humidity ranges during calibration also can be defined in the software.

Call: 800-777-3020.

Visit: www.pqsystems.com.

Vibration monitor meter

The VibChecker vibration monitor meter from Quality Bearings and Components is a compact-sized instrument designed for quick vibration surveys. The meter provides portable vibration measurement in the 10-1,000 Hz frequency range. Measurement results are automatically evaluated against International Organization for Standardization standards. Results can be stored for documentation and follow-up.

VibChecker is used to trend vibration levels on fans, motors, pumps, compressors and other types of rotating process machinery. Vibration measurement can detect a problem before a machine is damaged.

Call: 888-276-4787.

Visit: www.qbcbearings.com.

Rotary encoders

Heidenhain has released the ECN/EQN 400 series rotary encoders with Profibus and Profinet interfaces for use in manufacturing and process automation. The encoders feature a rugged blind hollow shaft with a 12mm diameter.

Models ECN 413 and EQN 425 rotary encoders are resistant to shock up to 1,000 m/s2 and vibration up to 100 m/s2, in accordance with the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). Providing protection to IP 64, they are designed for an ambient temperature range from –40° C to +70° C in accordance with DIN with shaft speeds up to 6,000 rpm.

In regards to connectivity, users of these encoders can choose between three radial M16 cable glands or three radial M12 connectors. Node addresses are set through rotary decimal switches concealed by the encoder end plate.

Call: 847-519-4702.

Visit: www.heidenhain.us.

Flexible zone control

Intelligrated has announced the ZoneFlex, a flexible zone control for the company’s Accuglide and IntelliQ zero-pressure accumulation conveyors. The system makes the best use of product flow of varied package sizes and weights for high-density accumulation and increased throughput.

ZoneFlex modules improve material handling efficiency and allow for carton control, product handling and increased conveyable cartons. Clip-in mounting, switch configuration and LED diagnostics allow operators to replace, modify and monitor zone controllers.

ZoneFlex is designed to move previously accumulated product downstream by monitoring and automatically responding to accumulation conditions.

Call: 513-881-5239.

Visit: www.intelligrated.com.

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