Conductivity sensor

Sensorex’s CS615 conductivity sensor monitors process fluids for changes within critical parameters. The sterilizable sensors are ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other contamination-sensitive services where sanitary connections are desired.

The 316 stainless steel construction withstands both cleaning in place and steam sterilization processes up to 130°C. Two sanitary tri-clamp flange sizes are available. For compatibility with a number of instrumentation models, both sizes come with optional automatic temperature compensation.

Cell constants offered with the CS316 are 0.01, 0.1 and 1.0, which allow the sensors a measurement range in most applications from pure water to general industrial use. The sensors come with a 10-ft. cable with tinned wire terminations for connection to process monitoring instrumentation.

Call: 714-895-4344.

Visit: www.sensorex.com.

Tachnometer generators

The ATC DigiTec Division has announced the compact 758-GF86/XF86 series of industrial open-face alternating current (AC) tachometer generators. These tachometers are designed primarily for use on shaft ends to measure speeds of up to 100,000 RPMs and extremely low torque burdens of less than one ounce-inch.

This series of AC tachometer generators are speed transducers in basic form, consisting of a stator and a permanent magnet rotor mounted onto a rotating shaft within a customer’s own specified equipment. The compact size of the 758-GF86/XF86 series allows them to be installed in inaccessible areas such as gear boxes, diesel engines and conveyor systems.

The units are also impervious to oil, grease and relatively high temperatures. These meters are modified to reduce rapid fluctuation, displaying their output in display digits that result from varying speed drive rates.

Call: 304-387-1200.

Visit: www.marshbellofram.com.

Temperature controllers

West Control Solutions provides a range of temperature controllers that are designed for regulating temperature in a variety of applications, including plastics, packaging and laboratory equipment.

The CAL controllers, which include the 3300, 9300 and 9400 controllers, offer a menu for programming and full proportional-integral-derivative (PID) operation for efficient performance, while the digital-to-analog convertor function reduces overshoot problems associated with a conventional PID controller.

The included CALGrafix software features data logging and process data archiving, chart recording, virtual instrument display and on-screen alarm display.

Call: 800-866-6659.

Visit: www.west-cs.com.

Color vision system

A Cognex has released the In-Sight 7010C, a color vision system that can distinguish parts by color. The system features 24-bit color resolution that identifies 16 million color variations. Industries using color identification include automotive, food and beverage, electronic hardware and pharmaceutical.

Along with the In-Sight 7010C, Cognex is introducing three additional color models, the In-Sight 7200C, 7400C and 7402C. These systems solve more complex applications involving logic or color composition, as well as those requiring higher resolution or faster execution.

The In-Sight 7000 vision systems also feature a compact housing, factory communications capabilities, autofocus technology and integrated lighting options.

Call: 508-650-3000.

Visit: www.cognex.com.

Photoelectric proximity sensor

Sick USA has announced the W27 MultiPac photoelectric proximity sensor. The W27 MultiPac uses two redundant receiver arrays to detect difficult targets such as bundled bottles in the packaging and food and beverage industries.

The W27 MultiPac provides overhead counting and indexing to ensure bundles are created and transported properly. It offers two independent receiver arrays for continuous detection when diffused light is misdirected from bundled surfaces. A single, high-intensity, visible red-emitting LED aids in alignment and provides detection despite dirt and dust buildup.

The W27 MultiPac is able to detect shiny, glossy or dark targets within its foreground without signal interruptions. A higher angle of incidence provides increased mounting flexibility, enabling the detection of film-wrapped pallets and other targets.

Call: 800-325-7425.

Visit: www.sickusa.com.

Industrial Bluetooth transmitter

Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies have released the iBlue, a handheld Bluetooth transmitter that gathers production data and sends it to bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets and computers. The iBlue can replace tools such as hardness testers, micrometers and temperature readers.

When the iBlue is paired with a Bluetooth-enabled device, it gathers, records and sends data through its three ports: a K-type thermocouple port, a three-pin metal hardness probe port and a USB human interface device-enabled port that connects with a wide range of non-proprietary tools including keyboards, micrometers, calipers and barcode scanners.

No special software is required and data from the iBlue can be sent as a text email or placed into MS Excel and Notepad. iBlue is compatible with the most common operating systems including Apple’s iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Linux.

Call: 574-936-2112.

Visit: www.itamco.com/iblue.

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