Portable air gage

Mahr Federal has introduced the Micro-Dimensionair line of portable air gages that provide readouts at the measurement site. The digital dial of the portable air gage rotates through 270 degrees for easy viewing, and the IP-54-rated gage provides accuracy and repeatability. The gages also help to clean parts by blowing dirt away.

The air gages offer the option of being used in the single-master mode for fixed-range resolution or in a two-master mode, which allows the magnification to be set by the user. The interchangeable handle can be configured as a pistol grip or normal end-mount for application of plug to part. For large, heavy plugs, the handle can be mounted between the tooling and the display, providing an ergonomic measuring system.

Call: 401-784-3100.

Visit: www.mahr.com.

Hardness tester

The HM-200 series Micro Vickers hardness testing machines from Mitutoyo America feature optical systems for measuring indentation dimensions together with an electromagnetic test-force loading device.

The hardness testers are equipped with an electro-magnetic test force device which makes it easy to set the desired force between 0.403 mN and 19610 mN. Objective lenses provide a long working distance with six available plan objectives. The 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X types are used for measuring indentations, and the 2X and 5X facilitate widefield observation tasks. During test-site positioning, information is displayed digitally.

Call: 630-820-9666.

Visit: www.mitutoyo.com.

Multi-channel connectors

Kistler has introduced the 1708A01 and 1710A01, two multi-channel connectors with onboard sensor and mold identification capabilities. They are designed to increase mold startup efficiencies, facilitate mold cavity pressure measurements and support zero-defect parts quality monitoring within plastics injection molding applications.

The connectors feature an integral electronic chip that is embedded onto a printed circuit board. The chip allows for current mold information, such as sensor location and sensitivity, to be collected and stored directly onto the chip. When connected to the Kistler CoMo Injection process monitoring system, stored data is available for upload.

The multi-channel connectors are ideal for improving process efficiencies within electronic component, optical lens, liquid silicone rubber, medical component and metal injection molding applications.

Call: 716-213-5764.

Visit: www.kistler.com.

Differential pressure transducer

American Sensor Technologies has released the AST5300 wet/wet differential pressure transducer for use in explosion-proof and non-incendive areas. The AST5300 is suitable for various liquids and gases requiring high-line pressure and low-differential pressure measurements.

The sensor is free of fluid-fill cavities, eliminating potential risk of leaks of silicone oil into the process fluid or gas. Applications such as cryogenic level, pharmaceutical processing equipment and gas compression systems benefit from an oil-free design.

Standard options include 1/4" national pipe thread female process connections, 4-20mA, 0.5-4.5V ratiometric, 0-5V, and 1-5V output signals and conduit electrical connections. Class I, II and III explosion-proof and Class I Division 2 non-incendive approvals allow for safe installation in hazardous locations. Connectors and cables are available for nonhazardous locations.

Call: 973-448-1901.

Visit: www.astsensors.com.


The Smart Tweezers LCR-meter from Siborg Systems is an automatic inductance, capacitance and resistance (LCR) meter designed for surface mount technology. The integration of a digital LCR-meter with tweezers makes testing and troubleshooting of small surface mount components easier.

Smart Tweezers have a basic accuracy of 0.2% and display measurements with a touch of the tweezers’ tip to a component. They also perform on-board impedance testing, diode and continuity testing and component sorting.

Call: 519-888-9906.

Visit: www.siborg.com.

X-ray fluorescence technology

The X-MET7000 series from Eastern Applied Research is engineered for non-destructive materials analysis for applications such as scrap sorting, positive material identification, mine mapping, compliance testing and soil analysis.

The X-MET’s large icons are easy to select—even with gloves on—and the bright, high-contrast LCD screen ensures optimal viewing in direct sunlight. The result screen is customizable to show only elements of interest. Software is included to create specific reports. Report results can be downloaded to a USB memory stick or a PC.

Call: 716-201-1115.

Visit: www.easternapplied.com.

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