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Make the case for continuing education

Spring is here (finally), and along with the teasingly warm temperatures comes a sense of renewal, new life, growth and a fresh start.

In much the same way, attending an industry conference or learning opportunity can do the same for your attitude and outlook when it comes to your career. But, unlike a season, which comes whether you like it or not, researching, planning and getting the necessary sign-off to attend your opportunity of choice often requires some legwork.

Figuring out the best way to showcase the tangible benefits to your organization if you attend your desired conference is the key to making your case, writes Russell T. Westcott in his Career Corner column, "Build Your Economic Case."

He provides some ideas and advice for offering up solid evidence of the impact your conference attendance has on your organization and colleagues. Added bonus? You’ll maximize the benefits you attained on a personal level via the documentation and sharing of your key takeaways.

For the past several years, QP has published entire issues devoted to quality "Basics." Two of the most popular editions have been "Building From the Basics," which details the first seven quality tools (January 2009), and "Quality Tools II, " devoted to the seven "new" quality tools (April 2012).

This year’s basics article, "Paving the Way," is the perfect next installment, describing seven important data collection strategies, from process capability studies to sampling. The extensive resources list at the end of the article (56 references in the print version and another 32 in the expanded online version!) can send you in the right direction to continue your own learning and research.

Remember to share this month’s issue with your colleagues and friends via the electronic version of QP, available this month at www.qualityprogress.com. You need not be an ASQ member to access this treasure trove of articles and information, so let your coworkers or staff in on the fun.

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