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Abstract:The seven "new" quality tools are a group of management and planning tools that were collected and promoted after the birth of the "old seven" quality control tools. The article discuss how these tools can be applied to appreciative inquiry and its cycle of discovery, dream, design and destiny, which focus on uncovering and amplifying the positive core of an organization. The seven new tools are 1) the affinity diagram; 2) the arrow diagram; 3) the prioritization matrix; 4) matrix diagrams; 5) the process decision program chart; 6) the relations diagram; and 7) the tree diagram. Applying the seven tools to appreciative inquiry's process will make appreciative inquiry more effective in liberating positive energies from individuals and organizations in their journey of discovering their strengths and fulfilling their …

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I had attened a training and introduction program on Appreciative Inquiry. I found this article interesting and adopting the quality tools with appreciative inquiry would help in reassuring the strenghts. Appreciative Inquiry with help of quality tools will definitly help in solving problems with emotional touch.
--Cyril , 04-03-2013

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