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Abstract:ISO 19011 is an international standard that provides guidance on auditing management systems. The first edition of this standard was published in 2002 and the second one in late 2011. While several changes in the 2011 edition are merely structural or for clarification, other changes can affect the way an audit is conducted. Being aware of certain key changes will help auditors through various audit activities. These changes include the following: 1) changing the auditing principle of "ethical conduct" to "integrity"; 2) adding confidentiality as a new auditing principle; 3) introducing methods to conduct a remote audit; 4) introducing the concept of risk in auditing; and 5) adding guidance on findings related to multiple criteria. The article examines the implications of these changes, and their importance for …

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--Ana Lopez, 06-05-2016

Excellent article. The teachings are applicable to both internal quality audits as external ones. I believe that for the latter cases could be added to the advantages of remote audits that auditors are not exposed to hazards that may exist in the areas audited, mainly in manufacturing companies. I'd also like to expose as a counterexample to the principle of "integrity", when a auditor avoids situations that may affect a friend audited, it is more likely to occur in internal audits.
--Valentin Requena, 03-20-2013

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