Leveling mount

A series of three-in-one leveling mounts from Advanced Antivibration Components are designed to dampen shock and vibration, provide leveling and offer position mobility for packaging machinery applications. The V10Z44MCM series features a moveable mount that incorporates rubber with with a rotating ball.

The isolator is made of oil-resistant rubber and the ball and handle are made of steel. The maximum recommended load of the two isolators in the series ranges from 200 kgf to 600 kgf. The diameter of the unit base ranges from 100 mm to 140 mm. They can be used with under-packaging machinery, large pumps, fans, motors, compressors and other medium-load equipment.

Call: 516-328-3662.

Visit: www.vibrationmounts.com.


Spectra-Physics has released the Explorer XP 355-1, a 1W ultraviolet (UV) Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state laser. The design combines electronics and a laser head into a single, compact package. The Explorer XP 355-1 performs with short-pulse width, enhanced beam quality and pulse-to-pulse stability for quality processing, making it suitable for additive manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, UV marking and other precision UV micromachining applications.

The Explorer XP 355-1 delivers greater than 1W output power at 50 kHz repetition rate with a short 8ns pulse width and less than 2% pulse-to-pulse stability for process reproducibility and yields. The ruggedized laser is tested to endure bare product shock and vibration with accelerations of up to 100 g with reliability.

Call: 408-980-4300.

Visit: www.newport.com/explorer-xp.


The Turbo Meter from Davis Instruments is a hand-held anemometer that provides information for industrial and construction applications. It measures the air velocity in ventilation shafts, air conditioning conduits, air ducts and chimney flues.

The Turbo Meter works on the principle that a free-turning turbine rotates at a speed directly proportional to wind speed. Sapphire jewel bearings suspend the turbine, allowing for sensitivity to the slightest movement.

An infrared light beam senses the turbine’s rotation without added friction, permitting a high degree of accuracy.

One switch allows the user to move between four different scales that determine air velocity in feet per minute, meters per second, miles per hour or knots. The three-digit LCD read-out offers contrast and visibility, which is important for poorly lit industrial applications.

Call: 510-732-9229.

Visit: www.davisnet.com.

Temperature and humidity monitoring kit

Onset’s HOBO wireless temperature and humidity monitoring kit monitors critical conditions, logs data for trend analysis and notifies users of conditions by text or email. The monitoring kit can be used in a broad range of facilities, including food processing plants, office buildings, laboratories and warehouses.

The system sends users a text message by phone or email when temperature or humidity conditions exceed set thresholds. The system also sends an alarm if one of sensors becomes disconnected from the network and provides visual notification on the PC that an alarm has tripped.

The wireless kit includes HOBOnode Manager software, which allows users to view near real-time energy and environmental data, set alarm notifications and get an at-a-glance view of the system.

Call: 800-564-4377.

Visit: www.onsetcomp.com.

X-ray inspection system

Eriez has introduced the E-Z Tec XR-Pack X-ray inspection system, specifically designed to protect packaging applications.

The E-Z Tec XR-Pack X-ray inspection system identifies contaminants and scans for missing or broken products.

It inspects for foreign objects, seal integrity, weight, shape, item position and the presence or absence of items.

Features include tool-less disassembly for cleaning, unique beam geometry, 60 in. overall length, low-profile design and auto learn for easy set up. Eriez also provides online remote support for this equipment.

Call: 888-300-3743.

Visit: www.eriez.com.

Slow motion camera

Photron has released the optional Fastcam Viewer plug-in that synchronizes Photron’s high-speed cameras with the NI USB-6251 BNC data acquisition module from National Instruments.

The NI USB-6251 BNC data acquisition module provides eight differential analog channels with an aggregate 1 million samples-per-second, single-channel data rate.

The optional plug-in is controlled by Photron’s software, and enables simultaneous recording and playback of analog data that is precisely synchronized with high-speed video sequences recorded with Photron cameras at frame rates from 60 to 1.5 million frames per second.

The plug-in features level-detection triggering. This enables the system to monitor data acquisition signals from an event and automatically trigger the high-speed camera to start or stop recording images when levels exceed user pre-set reference values. This feature also can capture unpredictable and intermittent events.

Call: 800-585-2129.

Visit: www.photron.com.

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