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A common frustration among quality professionals is that peers and superiors have a difficult time understanding the tangible and intangible benefits resulting from quality efforts. And it can be demotivating when you’re constantly trying to reinforce and prove the value of your contributions when time would be much better spent on the next improvement project.

This month’s issue of QP showcases three organizations’ quality projects and the undeniably quantifiable impact they made. These organizations were able to effect significant and tangible improvements through lean Six Sigma projects that enhanced efficacy and efficiency, increased profitability and boosted customer satisfaction.

In "The Right Blend," one organization’s lean Six Sigma Black Belt completed a project that netted the organization—a provider of chemotherapy treatment—a 25% reduction in technician labor costs while meeting internal customer targets and handling a 9.5% increase in volume.

"Lessons in Labeling" details how the Cancer Treatment Centers of America employed the design, measure, analyze, improve and control method at one of its locations to reduce errors in its specimen collection function. The result? Among other wins, the organization increased labeled laboratory specimen compliance by an impressive 287%.

Finally, in "Don’t Lose Patients" one hospital used lean Six Sigma combined with the theory of constraints to identify bottlenecks and implement solutions that reduced patient wait times by as much as 70%, thereby improving customer satisfaction and retention.

In all three case studies, you’ll notice a pattern of many intangible results accompanying the tangible ones. Improvement seems to spur further improvement.

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Seiche Sanders

Seiche Sanders

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