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Deming inspires profound leadership

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the death of one of quality’s founding fathers: W. Edwards Deming. But, even decades after his death, his teachings live on and serve as the basis of this month’s cover story, “Out in Front.”

Drawing from Deming’s system of profound knowledge, author John R. Schultz offers insights into the qualities of an effective leader. He explains that true, “profound” leadership is not something one is necessarily born with, but it can be created and cultivated in individuals by building skills in a number of specific areas.

Schultz suggests that many recent quality failures in finance, industry and politics could be helped by a system of profound leadership.

“Something can be done, but it will take leadership—not the traditional kind, but profound leadership,” he writes. “This new, different type of leadership is transformational and holds a core set of principles that produce benefits for all stakeholders, not just a privileged few.”

As has been a recurring trend in recent years, last month’s annual salary survey results (available at www.qualityprogress.com/salarysurvey) suggest that earning a certification has a positive effect on salary (a list of certifications offered and more information can be found at www.asq.org/certification). In fact, the more the better—those with three or more certifications earned significantly more than those with none.

We bring those stories to life in the article, “Why Certify?” Valued QP contributor and passionate certification proponent Scott Laman compiled the stories of seven colleagues who explain how certification helped them achieve advancement and satisfaction in their careers. One even credits expired certifications with helping her re-enter the workforce after time off to raise a family. These personal stories might help you make your own career decisions.

New year, new opportunity. QP loses one of its own this month as Assistant Editor Brett Krzykowski takes on a new career challenge in another industry. For more than five years, Brett has overseen several QP features and columns, the www.qualityprogress.com website, the QPLive enewsletter, and the Quality News Today and QNTWeekly news service, and has been a friendly, helpful voice to many readers and contributors. A consummate professional, we will miss Brett’s precision and skillful editorial approach. Good luck, Brett!

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