Rain Gauge

Abstract:The Six Sigma process of define, measure, analyze, design and verify (DMADV) is often used for the development of new products. However, it is also appropriate for exceedingly complex engineering construction problems that require the use of simulation and design of experiments (DOE). This article discusses the recent application of DMADV to the design and construction of a new rainwater harvesting (RWH)system at a sustainable home in Texas. The home, located in a semi-arid region, was engineered to acquire all of its power and water from the environment. The water engineering component was one of the complexities; a simple equation for determining adequacy of rain capture could not be used, because rainfall is a chaotic process. The DMADV algorithm provided a reasonable mechanism for assessing design considerations. First, simulation and DOE were used to provide response surfaces of reliability versus cistern volume and roof square footage to support the new construction. Decision makers then …

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Great article!
--Melanie Sexton, 01-09-2013

Very nice article with a solid modeling/simulation approach. It will be interesting to see if this could work in SoCal as the regulatory aspect may be higher on harvesting.
--Jeff Allen, 01-07-2013

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