Salary Survey 2012: Facing Tight Times

Abstract:The 2012 QP Salary Survey did not reveal any significant change from the preceding year in average salaries of quality professionals in the United States and Canada. The salary stagnation probably stems from the economic recession that began in 2008. Salary matters become more urgent in an uncertain, stagnant economy. Quality professionals may want to consider strategies to manage controllable career factors or levers, such as job tenure, quality experience, and geographic location. Results of the 2012 QP Salary Survey reinforce the author's evaluation of education as one of the most powerful and potentially rewarding career levers. Graphs, tables, and commentary in the article provide detailed statistical information on salary by job title; salary by U.S. regions and Canadian provinces; salary by number of years in the quality field; and salary by ASQ and RABQSA international certification. One significant finding was that any ASQ certification is associated with a higher salary, but salaries …

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Looks like I'm WAY underpaid.
--jeff smith, 08-08-2013

The annual survey takes many pages but has little value. Shouldn't we have a survey about this survey?
--M Shraim, 12-28-2012

The math figures are incorrect. There are subjective topics in table 2. I don't see how this passes a quality review before publishing. Doesn't make ASQ look very good at the field they are supposed to be experts in.
--Ben, 12-13-2012

AVG 201 AVG 2012 Diff
US 87086 86743 -343
Canada 80611 84715 4104
As per the above table difference in US average sal is $343. But the difference mentioned in the table is $243 which is incorrect. Hence i presume the significance value could be incorrect.

--Kavitha, 12-12-2012

Can the author be more specific on where the surveys were taken?
The averages are too high to what I have been hearing from recruiters. Salary for Quality Engineers with CQE in Ontario are between 55K-68K
--Fernando, 12-08-2012

This is informative. We are going through a pay review. Seems like pay is also attached to who you know.
--laura sharp, 12-03-2012

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