Get Them in the Game

Abstract:One key to developing a high-performance, quality-oriented organization is maintaining a high level of employee engagement. This article illustrates the importance of employee engagement by considering the environment of quick-service restaurants (QSRs), also …

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It gives crisp and clear message on employee engagement. It is quite interesting to see its effect in daily work, specially when working on critical projects. Thank you for sharing this knowledge. It would certainly fetch good results in any organization.
--Rajesh Hambarde, 03-04-2013

Great article, Carlotta. Thanks!

You mention two primary ways to improve employee involvement and thereby engagement: involving employees in key decisions and empowering them to make decisions in handling complaints. Both are very effective indeed.

Regarding the first, though, I'd suggest it shouldn't be limited to strategic or other large changes, but rather can be expanded to include day-to-day continual improvement. We've empowered our team to edit the quality management system documentation, and it has worked wonders for engagement. Employees own their processes, and our continual improvement is faster than ever.
--Pancho Castano, 12-28-2012

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