Time to Shine

The spotlight is on the quality community

It’s World Quality Month—a celebration that is all about you!

You needn’t throw parties, plan a parade or shoot off fireworks (though I won’t discourage you from doing those things if you’re so inclined), but it’s a great month to appreciate and observe quality’s contribution—as significant as it is—to the world.

The celebration’s website, www.worldqualitymonth.org, provides a roster of related activities and events going on around the world. It includes a host of ideas and information on how you can raise awareness about quality in your organization and your community. Check back often for new poll questions, photos, blog postings and more.

You can also share your own stories and videos telling us how you’re honoring World Quality Month. We’d love to know!

For our tribute to the occasion, QP editors decided to focus on our readers’ lighter sides. We asked you to submit your stories about how you use quality in your daily life—beyond the 9-to-5. You responded, and we’ve put together a feature compiling many of your stories, explaining everything from the strategic organization of sock drawers to the plan-do-check-act cycle applied to housework.

A few of our submitters even went above the call of duty and shot videos of themselves, further illustrating their methods and approaches. Access these videos, and additional stories, at this article’s page at www.qualityprogress.com.

In “Law and Order,” author David G. Schrunk makes a compelling case for the application of quality to the process of creating and managing laws.

“The problem is that traditional lawmaking, as it is currently sanctioned and practiced by governments, observes virtually no quality standards for the design, evaluation, improvement or repeal of laws,” Schrunk says. He goes on to suggest several changes that would make the outputs of the legal system more beneficial.

ASQ’s International Team Excellence Award process can always be counted on for giving some much-deserved recognition to teams from around the world who effect significant cost savings and efficiencies in their organizations. This year, a team from Argentina, tgestiona, came out the gold-level winner. Read how the team implemented a transport optimization project, netting the company $630,000 in annual savings and making strides in customer satisfaction.

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