Probe head

Hexagon Metrology released the LSP-X1h probe head for analog scanning on select coordinate measuring machines. The 3-D analog scanning probe collects thousands of data points for precise evaluation of complex part features.

It supports single-point probing, high-speed scanning, and self-centering modes in lengths ranging from 20 to 225 mm in vertical orientation and 50 mm in horizontal orientation. The LSP-X1h provides simultaneous and unclamped probing—in all axes—always orthogonal to the contact surface.

The LSP-X1h attaches to TESASTAR-m indexable articulated probe heads. This enables long styli with small external diameters to reach all features on a part. It is ideal for measuring gears and other parts with complex features.

Call: 800-274-9433.

Visit: www.hexagonmetrology.us.

X-ray inspection system

3DX-RAY has announced the MDXi-200 x-ray inspection system for use on production lines. With the use of x-ray imaging systems, manufacturers are able to inspect opaque products, and verify their integrity and quality in real time without the need to undertake destructive testing or strip down analysis.

This identifies features that may have a significant impact either on performance or safety of products.

The MDXi-200 allows plant and laboratory workers to detect, measure and analyze features hidden from view—such as defects, missing parts and contamination—at full production speed.

3DX-RAY also offers the MDXi-400 high-resolution x-ray inspection system as a standalone mobile unit suitable for batch or pilot plant processing and laboratory testing.

Call: 44-1664-503-600.

Visit: www.3dx-ray.com.

Picking system

RMT Robotics’ layer picking tool uses a combination of vacuum and clamping technology to pick 95% of consumer products, including corrugate or boxboard cases, shrink wrap products, bottles, tubs and open trays. Patterns with voids and tier sheets also can be handled.

The layer picking system is capable of picking multiple layers at once, as well as picking and placing entire pallet loads, allowing for inventory replenishment, especially with unstable loads.

The system is designed to increase throughput and reduce the footprint of automated systems. It is ideal for food, beverage and consumer goods distribution centers.

Call: 905-643-9700.

Visit: www.rmtrobotics.com.

Explosion proof pressure switch

American Sensor Technologies has released the AST46SW explosion-proof pressure switch. The AST46SW offers a single pull, double throw configuration with factory-set switch points and hysteresis.

The one-piece stainless steel sensing element will measure pressure in extreme temperature conditions. With a maximum operating pressure range up to 20,000 PSI, the AST46SW will maintain high performance with zero signal drift due to an extremely thick and robust sensing diaphragm.

Microprocessor technology produces performance over a wide temperature range, and advanced electronics result in a compact overall size.

Call: 973-448-1901.

Visit: www.astsensors.com.

Onboard data aquisition system

Kistler has announced the type K3880A KiDAU Advanced onboard data acquisition system. It is designed to meet stringent passenger and military vehicle crash test, legislative and safety, and vehicle dynamics testing requirements.

The KiDAU Advanced system allows users to capture and store complete test data, even moments before a test is actually started. This ensures complete system functionality and data preservation from the trigger point of a crash event. The system allows for more than eight minutes of total recording time.

The KiDAU Advanced system includes 32 analog and 16 digital inputs. Each analog channel comprises a programmable input amplifier with better than 0.1% precision. An internal battery is designed to run the complete system, including all connected sensors, for up to 25 minutes.

Call: 888-547-8537.

Visit: www.kistler.com.

Data transmission system

Mahr Federal has added a MarConnect integrated wireless data transmission system to its series of MarCator digital indicators. The low-power data transmission technology allows the transmitter to be built into the digital indicator.

The digital indicator sends its data to a small i-stick receiver, resembling a common USB flash drive. MarCom software transmits the measuring data directly into MS Excel or through a keyboard code into any MS Windows program.

Each MarConnect i-stick wireless receiver supports up to eight digital indicators with a range of up to 12 m, making it ideal for most bench-top or workstation applications. Integrated wireless gives more freedom of movement when measuring on and ensures the machine cables do not obstruct.

MarConnect integrated wireless is now available on Mahr’s MarCator 1086 series of digital indicators with large display and integrated tolerance functions, and on the MarCator 1087 series of multifunctional digital indicators with combined analog and digital display, as well as tolerance and dynamic measuring functions.

Call: 401-784-3100.

Visit: www.mahr.com.

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