Listening questions

Great article on voice of the customer (“Hearing Aids,” October 2012) . I would be interested in a follow-up article that focuses more on benchmarks, or examples of firms or organizations that have successfully leveraged voice of the customer input, as well as what methods they use to quantify the confidence level in the data they gather and analyze.

What leads them to believe the integrity of the data is solid, and how do they test that? On another note, what tools do they use to detect relationships, and what do they do to test the strength of those relationships?

Mike Alumbaugh
Derby, KS

Digital distinction

The email I just opened announcing the digital version of QP was very well-received. I clicked the link and went through the magazine quickly, and—for some reason I can’t explain—found it much better than the real paper version. And I don’t even have an iPad! Thanks for the effort; it’s appreciated. I will refer to it as needed and not worry about where I put my copy down anymore.

Trevor Shellhammer
Allentown, PA

On the spot

Excellent article about lean Six Sigma project selection (“Pick Your Spots,” September 2012). Easy to describe, yet so hard to employ, especially in large organizations where the bottom line will always drive the ship. I also would note that any improvement that can be made in picking your spots is worth it. Thanks for the great article.

Stuart Schmidt
Bloomingdale, IL

From the front lines

I agree with most of what the writer is talking about in “In the Trenches” (August 2012). I have led and also participated in a variety of change initiatives, and I have seen some of the same things occur.

I would add that knowing the culture and the leadership of the organization before beginning the change is important. You may not need 100% commitment until results are achieved, but you need to understand if the change you are undertaking fits into the vision and corporate culture of those leaders.

Deborah Ybarra
Greensburg, IN

Praise for Mayo

Fantastic article about the Mayo Clinic (“Improving on Excellence,” July 2012). I am sharing this with as many people as I can because this really hits the nail on the head. This is what our healthcare system needs more of, and the Mayo Clinic is doing it like a business.

Dave Wildner
Fond du Lac, WI

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