Newport has introduced high-precision adjustment screws with a 170-thread-per-inch (TPI) thread pitch. The benefit of the 170-TPI adjuster is strengthened by the results of timed alignment testing in which a mirror mount with these adjusters was consistently aligned within a band of +/- 3 μrad in about half the time as the same mount with 100-TPI threads.

High-precision 170 TPI stainless steel threads are mated with the collet and a proprietary lubricant to allow a full 0.5 in. of fine, frictionless movement.  The standard 9.5 mm diameter collet is threaded with a nut for mounting to optical mounts and stages. 

The 170-TPI high-precision adjustment screws are non-locking and available with a knob or with a 5/64 in. hex key.

Call: 949-437-9935.

Visit: www.newport.com.

Data logger

Onset has released the HOBO UX90 motor on/off logger, a matchbox-sized, LCD-display data logger for monitoring run times of motors, pumps and compressors.

The logger provides a way to record up to 340,000 equipment on/off cycle changes, and uses graphing and analysis software to convert the recorded data into time and date-stamped graphs.

The logger can be used in building performance monitoring applications, including diagnostics, compressed air systems monitoring, and general troubleshooting of motors, pumps and fans.

Call: 800-564-4377.

Visit: www.onsetcomp.com.


Renishaw’s RMI-Q multiple probe radio transmission system uses a single radio receiver for tool-setting probe and spindle-mounted touch probe installations.

The system offers users automated on-machine tool setting, tool breakage detection, part setup and part verification capability.

The RMI-Q is used to activate the spindle-mounted touch probe or table-mounted tool-setting probe, and gives visual indication of the activated device.

It features a 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum radio transmission. This enables uninterrupted operation in busy radio environments. The system is suitable for applications that have obscured line of sight to the probe, and its transmission range of up to 15 m makes it suitable for large machines.

Call: 847-286-9953.

Visit: www.renishaw.com.

Hydrocarbon flow filter

C.I. Agent Solutions has redesigned its hydrocarbon flow filter (HFF) to increase flow rates. As water flows through the HFF, hydrocarbons are captured and turned into a rubber-like solid. The filter encapsulates gasoline, diesel, refined oils and sheen.

Applications include storm drain inserts, cooling towers, electrical substations, secondary containment vaults and retention pond out-flows.

HFF sizes are available up to 24 in. long with 2 in. through 8 in. National Pipe Thread diameters. Custom sizes can be manufactured for specific applications.

Call: 866-242-4368.

Visit: www.ciagent.com.

Accelerometer chips

Silicon Designs has introduced the model 2276, a high-precision accelerometer with a simple four-wire threaded removable connector.

The model 2276 is designed for zero-to-medium frequency applications, offering integral amplification and high-drive, low-impedance buffering for precision measurements. This allows users the ability to completely exchange, move, reposition and replace accelerometers within a given test setup.

The accelerometer produces two analog voltage outputs, and supports single-ended and differential modes. The sensor is relatively insensitive to temperature changes and thermal gradients.

The low-impedance outputs of the model 2276 will drive more than 100 m of cable, with an overall flexibility that allows them to be used in a wider variety of applications, particularly those in which testing requirements necessitate frequent cable replacement, and in which higher temperature operation and higher performance specifications may be required.

Call: 425-391-8329.

Visit: www.silicondesigns.com.

Remote measurement display

Setra Systems’ remote measurement display allows for clear and remote viewing capabilities of real-time, at-a-glance conditions, ensuring climate control management in a variety of critical environments.

The remote measurement display accepts 0-10 and 0-5 volts direct current analog signals from sensing technology, including, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and pressure readings. The unit visually displays sensor output with zero and span adjustment capabilities.

The user can calibrate readings. The compact size and real-time remote viewing capabilities make it suitable for use in hospital surgical suites, operating rooms, pharmacology settings, pharmaceutical clean rooms or other environmentally controlled spaces, and biological safety laboratory research facilities.

Call: 978-266-3619.

Visit: www.setra.com.

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