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Abstract:While the voice of the customer (VOC) is known by most corporations to be an important source of feedback, many put little thought into how to gather it. Maritz Research conducted the VOC Practices and Challenges Survey to identify useful and harmful practices in gathering VOC data. The survey was completed by 360 managers at a sample of blue chip companies in late 2010. The most common methods of capturing VOC were customer and market surveys, focus groups, customer contact associates, mystery shopping, individual consumer communications and complaints, and consumer-generated social media. Nearly all organizations used more than one method. However, senior executives at 80 percent of companies focused on transactional, relationship, or benchmarking surveys while no other method was closely watched by more than four percent of senior executives. Which methods are best for a company depends on the informational objective of collecting the VOC and the quality of the data collected by the method. …

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Excellent article. I'm currently working on voice of the customer, and this article confirms much of what we are doing and provides additional areas of consideration. I'm also interested in best-in-class results from other companies. So far, most companies are still figuring out the best combination, and which tool or tools provide the best capturing and reporting capabilities.
--Deb Wheeler, 11-21-2012

Great article. I would be interested perhaps in a follow-up article that would focus more on benchmarks, or examples of firms or organizations that have successfully leveraged voice of the customer input and what methods they use to quantify the confidence level in the data they gather and analyze. What leads them to believe the integrity of the data is solid, and how do they test that? On another note, what tools do they use to detect relationships, and what do they do to test the strength of those relationships?
--Mike Alumbaugh, 10-05-2012

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