Clever Combination

Abstract:A combination of failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) and fault tree analysis can improve detection of software design weaknesses and safety problems. The authors propose an application in which FMEA is applied when risk is high, either because of a high likelihood of a critical failure or because of serious impact if a critical failure occurs. If an FMEA is needed, it is designed and applied to identify failure modes and their effects on the system. A fault tree analysis is then used to determine the sequence of events that must occur for the failure to happen, allowing the causes of the failure to be identified. With this information and data on existing controls, the severity, rate of occurrence, and rate of detection can be identified for each potentially critical failure. Multiplying these factors gives a priority number that can be used to determine where corrective action is …

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Aylin N. Sener

--Aylin N. Sener, 12-14-2012

--Paula Richards, 10-10-2012

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