Remote display

Rice Lake’s MSI Dyna-Link 2 series tension dynamometers now include the MSI-8000, a full-featured remote control and display for operating the dynamometer at safe and convenient distances.

The MSI-8000 features an ergonomic keypad and five-digit LCD display. Users now will have control over dynamometer function, programmability and operation. A rechargeable battery allows up to 24 hours of continuous, radio frequency communication at distances up to 100 feet. The MSI-8000 currently syncs wirelessly with the MSI-7300, with future connectivity plans for other MSI crane scale products, including the MSI-3460 and MSI-4260 models.

The MSI-8000 is designed for users in the petro-chemical, energy, marine, aerospace, and test and measurement industries.

Call: 800-472-6703.

Visit: www.ricelake.com.


Heidenhain’s absolute angle encoders with their integral bearings and hollow shaft have expanded their use to include connection to Fanuc controls. Heidenhain’s RCN 2000, 5000 and 8000 series encoders can be obtained with the Fanuc interface, making it possible to obtain reliable position and speed control in more rotational axes applications, such as on rotary tables, tilting axes and direct drives.

The RCN angle encoders also offer greater mounting tolerances, optimized scanning and evaluation electronics with diagnostic functions, plug-in cables with quick disconnect at the encoder, and a variety of hollow shaft diameters. In addition, the RCN encoders permit positive fastening, provided the front-end shaft coupling mounting mode is used.

Call: 847-490-1191.

Visit: www.heidenhain.us.

Leak and flow tester

Uson’s Optima vT leak and flow tester offers capabilities for vacuum decay tests, gage pressure decay leak testing, differential pressure decay leak tests and mass flow leak detection. The Optima vT also is designed with built-in math functions. Uson offers no-cost video consultations to review the built-in mathematical functions.

Microcontrollers comparable to those used in consumer electronics applications, the tester includes two channels with up to four sensors per channel, simultaneous testing on sensor inputs, customizable pneumatic controls and a color touch screen display with intuitive user interface.

Call: 773-862-6800.

Visit: www.uson.com.


Dolan-Jenner Industries has announced the Fiber-Lite model LMI-6000 LED fiber optic illuminator. It is designed to support microscopy, medical research and general in-laboratory studies, as well as original equipment manufacturing (OEM) custom lighting, assembly and inspection equipment applications.

The model LMI-6000 incorporates long-life bright white LEDs with a color temperature of 6,000K and up to 780 lumens at fiber interface. The LEDs provide more than 25,000 hours of continuous light, generating negligible amounts of heat. The LMI-6000 is offered with a linear, 15-step light intensity control and universal voltage input of 100-240 VAC.

The LMI-6000 also can support and fully illuminate gooseneck and annular ring light fiber optic light guides and features an integrated handle and stackable housing.

Call: 800-833-4237.

Visit: www.dolan-jenner.com.

Lid application

QComp Technologies has expanded its robotic lid applicator product line to include a high capacity lid dispenser.

The QComp Lid feed system and the high-speed delta robots can be configured in single and dual cells to deliver up to 240 lids per minute. LPSX technology is a standard option for all lid applicators. This technology maximizes production by allowing an operator to inspect the glue patterns on the lid without interrupting the production process. Minimizing loading time allows operators to focus less on restocking the machine and more on other tasks.

Call: 920-757-0775.

Visit: www.qcomptech.com.


Ohio Semitronics has released the MVTR and MCTR series of single-phase, RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances) compliant transducers for the measurement of voltage and current in applications requiring a true root mean square (RMS) calculation of the transducer input.

The MVTR units measure true RMS voltage, while the MCTR models measure true RMS current. All MVTR and MCTR models impart a fully isolated 4-20mA output proportional to the related input voltage and current, respectively, for the sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal inputs found commonly among variable frequency applications. Instrument power is supplied via a control industry standard 4-20mA loop power to facilitate easy and low-cost installation.

The transducers are designed for the military and electronics manufacturers, industrial OEMs and energy provider industries.

Call: 614-777-1005.

Visit: www.ohiosemitronics.com.

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