Pick Your Spots

Abstract:Many organizations are using lean Six Sigma (LSS) to improve process efficiency, but LSS programs are limited by the projects selected and the people executing them. IT and communication services provider Cbeyond Inc. initiated a successful LSS project by using a four-stage process. The first stage is identifying the right projects. For Cbeyond, this entailed selecting only those projects closely aligned with the company's goals, strategies, and key metrics. Step two, the validation of the selected projects, was for Cbeyond a series of strategic questions to confirm the alignment of each project with corporate goals and identify the costs and benefits of each project. Prioritization of projects is step three, and here Cbeyond relied on not only the voice of the customer but also the voice of the process, which is the impact of the problem on operational performance, and the voice of the business, which is the impact of the problem on meeting business goals. The final step in the process is …

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Stuart and Louise, Thanks for the feedback and kind words! Glad the article helps.

--Peter Sherman, 10-13-2012

Louise - Tell me your email address and I'll send you the Project Charter Template.

--Peter Sherman, 10-13-2012

Liked this article. Wish I had an electronic version of the Project Charter template used in the article. Very complete yet concise.
--Louise Eisenbrey, 09-17-2012

Excellent article. Easy to describe, yet so hard to employ, especially in large organizations where the bottom line will "always" drive the ship. I might note that any improvement that can be made in "Picking your Spots" is worth it. Thanks for the great article.
--Stuart Schmidt, 09-10-2012

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