Liquid lens

Cognex has released liquid lens optics for the DataMan 300 series of fixed-mount barcode readers. The accessory allows DataMan 300 readers to be upgraded from fixed focus to autofocus. Liquid lens variable autofocus technology is ideal for applications that require a large depth of field or when refocusing is needed after a product changeover.

The DataMan 300 intelligent tuning feature automatically selects the optimum settings for the integrated lighting and for the autofocus optics for each application. This tuning process ensures the barcode reader will be set up to attain the highest read rates possible for one-dimensional, two-dimensional and direct part marked (DPM) codes. The liquid lens also can be adjusted with software or serial commands without needing to touch the reader.

For presentation reading, tote scanning and small-package sorting applications, the liquid lens can be configured to dynamically sweep through the full focal range of the optics to find and read barcodes over a wide range of working distances.

The DataMan 300 is available in two models. The DataMan 300 has a resolution of 800x600 pixels and the DataMan 302 has a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels. The DataMan 302 is ideal for reading very small DPM codes, often found in applications in the automotive and electronics industries.

Email: contactus@cognex.com.

Visit: www.cognex.com.

Vibration control system

Crystal Instruments’ Spider-81 is a highly modular, distributed, scalable vibration control system with centralized digital signal processor (DSP) architecture and operation through a PC, Wi-Fi enabled personal digital assistant or iPad. The Spider-81 directly integrates time-synchronized ethernet connectivity with an embedded DSP centralized architecture.

Each measurement channel can detect signals ranging from 6 µV to 20V, with a design that eliminates the need for the input range or gain settings found on traditional controllers.

Spider-81 hardware includes voltage, charge and IEPE transducer inputs, making it ideal for use with a variety of sensor types. The system’s internal flash memory stores test configuration data for control of up to hundreds of channels simultaneously with real-time analysis and recording. The LCD display allows for real-time data testing status, such as sweeping frequency, to be instantly viewed. An internal battery backup system allows for continued controller functionality and data saving in the event of a network or power loss, ensuring fail-safe operation.

Call: 408-986-8880.

Visit: www.go-ci.com.


Fluid Research announced the N-2000 two-part, precision meter mix and dispensing solution. The N-2000 series is a cart mounted, digitally controlled, positive displacement dispensing system designed to be an economical platform for low volume two-part dispensing.

The N-2000G uses digital controls for reliable adjustment of rate, ratio and dispense time. Gear metering pumps provide accurate mixing and continuous flow of unfilled epoxy, silicone and urethane materials with repeatable results for each one.

It is available in a progressive cavity pump configuration, the N-2000P, that uses Fluid Research’s proprietary pumping system, making the machine resistant to abrasion and chemically aggressive materials, while providing accurate and consistently repeatable two-part dispensing.

Call: 714-258-2350.

Visit: www.fluidresearch.com.

AIM station

Turck has introduced the IP67-rated FAS8 advanced input/output (I/O) module (AIM) station. The FAS8, previously only available in four-port configurations, now provides users with an eight-port AIM station model. The FAS8 station includes one digital plug and play (PNP) I/O signal per port, with an option for two amp outputs. Providing the highest level of compatibility with industrial networking requirements, the station is designed to meet the latest actuator sensor interface version 3.0 (AS-i V3.0) specifications, allowing communication options for analog data and detailed diagnostic information.

Featuring PNP short-circuit protected inputs, the FAS8 automatically restricts current to prevent failures in the event of a sensor failure. Through AS-i V3.0 specifications, users are notified through a fault signal indication if there is a short circuit on any I/O point. This module also supports AS-I standard flat cable and round cable to accommodate current connection trends.

The FAS8 station is fully encapsulated and potted, sealing it against environmental contaminants and eliminating the need for a separate enclosure for protection. The station is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It protects against dust and moisture ingress to prevent performance failures in wet and dry environments.

Call: 800-544-7769.

Visit: www.turck.us.


Meggitt Sensing Systems has introduced the Sensorex SX41100 series, a high-performance servo inclinometer featuring analog/digital outputs and a maximum linearity error of less than ±0.02% FS. The series is designed to provide high-precision angular measurements of civil structures, crane and offshore platform safety systems, and roadway and rail track leveling applications.

The Sensorex SX41100 series is designed to provide an output signal proportional to the angle of measurement. Units feature built-in active digital temperature compensation, reliably operating over a temperature range of -40° to +185°F.

Incorporation of an inertial mass with servo feedback, optical position pick-up and friction-free mounting allows the Sensorex SX41100 series to provide accuracy with stability and reliability. Because the inertial mechanism is immersed in oil, units have high shock and vibration resistance with a good damping factor. Units also operate from a 9-30V unipolar power supply and feature IP65 environmental sealing.

Digital versions are delivered with software and digital data transmitted in ASCII format, allowing for direct communication with a standard PC, along with user-selectable parameters of data acquisition and display.

Call: 800-309-6151.

Visit: www.meggittsensingsystems.com.

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