In the Trenches

Abstract:A number of common pitfalls can lead to the failure of a quality change program. Reluctance of a change management team to act without management commitment can paralyze the program. It is important to plan a quality change program extensively, before, during, and after the program is initiated. Failure to understand and win over difficult stakeholders will lead to them acting counter to the program. Team selection is important, and a good change management team should be made up of people with the necessary characteristics to make the change work, not just whoever is available at the …

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Ron, Deborah, and Cyril - thanks for reading through and commenting.

Deboarah - I liked your point about knowing the culture before we begin very much. Thanks.
--Anshuman, 08-14-2012

Good Article - gets to the heart of organizational improvement failure. Right timing, right culture, and done for the right reasons!
--Ron, 08-09-2012

I agree with most of what the writer is talking about. I have led and also participated in a variety of change initiatives, and I have seen some of the same things occur. I would add that knowing the culture and the leadership of the organization before beginning the change is important. You may not need 100% commitment until results are achieved, but you need to understand if the change you are undertaking fits into the vision and corporate culture of those leaders.
--Deborah Ybarra, 08-09-2012

An interesting article. In today's scene to be cost competitive and differentiator not only with the customers & competitors but within an organization, change is constant. However the creation of short success through results is Important to sustain the Quality efforts.
--cyril, 08-08-2012

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