Change Ability

Abstract:As in other areas, rapid change is becoming the norm in the quality arena. While many change efforts focus on organizational and process matters or try to reduce variation, a transformational change initiative creates a significant change in the underlying systems of an organization and uses that change to create breakthrough results. This creates a step pattern of improvements that is objectively measurable as well as a subjective change in organizational reality. Transformation comes from within the self, and it begins with self-discovery in the four spheres of transformation: being, knowing, relating, and generating. Both individual and group transformation can be achieved by developing and expanding consciousness, envisioning the change process, choosing productive mindsets and living the visualized change …

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Very theoretical.. philosophical article on Quality. This change cannot be made by Quality professionals.. this has to be made by the CEO and his staff... Quality professionals by themselves will marvel at this article for the content..... Ground level action and their ability to infleuence is very limited... Good and useful spiritual article.. good for reading and dreaming...
--Jagdish, 10-09-2013

The article is good but very philosophical. Not rooted at all in reality of organizational behaviours and dynamics. This will work for a owner driven organization of 100 or 200 people where the Owner himself/herself drives this change. Yes, there is a lot of higher order purpose, self realization, spirituality in this article.. Good to read......
--Jagdish, 10-09-2013

Profound information; deep into the substance that really roots the tree of change. Much more than a business related article...thanks!
--Luis, 08-15-2012

Excellent article - every quality person must try it.
--Nilay Kumar Giri, 08-12-2012

Excellent article. I would strongly encourage every member to read it and implement it in their sphere of influence and control. It's applicable to all employees and individuals beyond quality professionals. I am sure the person who's equipped with the skills and traits of transformation sciences will be the most sought-after future leaders in the next few years.
--Raj Tedla, 08-10-2012

Very good Article, I will be sure to surf the tsunamis of change.
--Socrates Cedeno, 08-10-2012

Fantastic and timely article on how Quality professionals can play a key role to bring the golbal economy back on track! Mindboggling ideas on winning spirit and how individuals can make an impact to the progress of society at large!
--Meena Chettiar, 08-09-2012

It was fantastic to see the core issues that hamper the success of transformation (change management) put forward so succinctly. One other aspect of a successful transformation is the person driving the change. All the attributes stated in the article and absolute clarity of purpose for driving the change need to be there in the change manager, as well as unconditional respect for all, to make it a success for individuals and the organization. Thanks for a brilliant article.
--Vic Manuja, 08-09-2012

Definitely recommend this article! Ironically this could not have come at a better time. Thanks
--Howard Whitehead, 08-08-2012

Good article, but a little too whimsical and philosophical for me to submit to my bosses and take it seriously.
--Antonio, 08-08-2012

Great article providing Quality professionals another tool to utilize in their quest of becoming a more effective change agent in the workforce.
--L. Linnus, WPB, FL, 08-08-2012

This was a very unique and enticing article. Thank you very much for writing it.
--Kasey Gaskill, 08-07-2012

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