Learning to Fish

Abstract:The fishbone diagram, also known as the cause and effect diagram, CED, or Ishikawa diagram, can be used to create desired career development results. The career excellence diagram, or CED2, is the author's specific variant. A typical manufacturing CED has as its six main cause categories people, processes, materials, machines, measurements, and environment. CED2 replaces materials with sources information and machines with technological products. In practice, it might be useful to split overemphasized headings and eliminate underemphasized ones. The head of the fishbone, the ultimate goal of the career improvement, is an area many struggle with when using CED2; a personal mission statement is important to successfully improving one's …

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Nice to see a tool normally so focused on understanding a negative result used to produce a positive result in a direct rather than an indirect manner.
--Larry Robinson, 08-27-2012

The best way to learn is by applying the theory into practice. Very interesting to apply this to a day-by-day activity. I would also like to see more description on the branches and subbranches. Very nice approach!
--Nicole Pascutiu, 07-25-2012

I am a HUGE fan of applying process tools to "real life". It makes the tools much easier to teach, and when students say "ah ha," it's all worth it. Thank you for this example. It's a keeper.
--Ruth Henderson, 07-13-2012

Interesting application of CED. Would like to see example questions to ask oneself to flesh out the bones.
--Jennifer Graham-Rateliff, 07-09-2012

It's valuable to see broad applications of the CED. This is an attractive and well-considered piece from top to bottom. Kudos on an article that delivers. Four stars - maybe 4.5.
--Chris Nowak, 07-05-2012

This sounds good. There are a lot of things out there for career development. This looks promising. I will apply it on myself to see if this works.
--Josef Slany, 07-05-2012

It's great to see application of the CED in personnel development. Nice work!
--Mike Boyd, 07-04-2012

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