The Brand Named You

Abstract:In an era when most workers can expect to change employers several times in their lifetime, the development of a personal brand is an important tool for getting a job. LinkedIn, the world's largest business networking site, can help create a powerful personal brand and manage a strong online presence. LinkedIn helps connect job seekers with others who can assist in creating their personal brand, lets others find job seekers more quickly, and is free to use and simple to understand. A personal brand helps job seekers stand out from the crowd and demonstrate marketable capabilities. One marketable capability offered by LinkedIn is a large, powerful network of professional contacts. Recommendations, both from other LinkedIn users and from others, can be collected on LinkedIn. Narratives and lists can provide an accurate and interesting account of a job seeker's previous accomplishments. While many people say their skill sets are not unique, each individual has a distinct set of skills that may be …

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I use to showcase my unique skill sets, accomplishments, post queries and learn from posted comments. Its one more method for local sections from PHX, LAS or LA to create and communicate community page.
What I don't like is those clone recruitment profiles. You know those headshots from unmentioned recruiters that changed positions or school dates but are eerily very similar. Yes, every system has abusers but these clone profilers have to be reviewed/removed.
--Elias Monreal, 07-05-2012

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