Electric actuators

Exlar’s line of Tritex II DC actuators are in compliance with the Canadian Standards Association’s 139 valve actuator standard. The actuators accommodate applications requiring certification, making them suitable for hazardous location operation.

Tritex II DC actuators integrate a servo drive, digital position controller, brushless motor and linear or rotary actuator into one package. Rotary actuators are ideal for operating quarter-turn ball and butterfly control valves or shaft-driven dampers. They can be mounted directly on the rotary valve, eliminating linear-to-rotary conversion hardware.

Tritex II DC actuators offer continuous duty with life counts in the hundreds of millions of cycles, response times in milliseconds and accuracy of 0.10% of span.

Call: 952-500-6200.

Visit: www.exlar.com.


ASI Datamyte has added the HS733LE to its line of sensors. The HS733LE is used to inspect the leading edge of blades or vanes used in aircraft and power-system engines. It is designed to scan both sides of the blade simultaneously.

The sensor returns a complete profile around the radius of the blade, allowing the accurate measurement of the thickness and the plotting of the blade profile for comparison to its engineering design. The edge radius also can be analyzed.

Call: 800-455-4359.

Visit: www.asidatamyte.com.

Thermoelectric temperature controller

ILX Lightwave has released the LDT-5940C thermoelectric temperature controller designed for testing laser diodes and other optoelectronic devices. The LDT-5940C features 60W of temperature control, an intuitive front panel and standard general purpose interface bus, and USB 2.0 remote interface.

This temperature controller, with digital proportional integral derivative control loop, achieves temperature stability of less than ±0.003°C with output current noise and ripple less than 2mA rms. An additional feature of the LDT-5940C is an analog voltage input for temperature sweeping or tuning without using a remote interface or front panel control.

Call: 406-556-2535.

Email: pgale@ilxlightwave.com.

Corrosion monitoring system

The downhole corrosion monitoring system (DCMS) from Rohrback Cosasco provides continuous corrosion history of downhole tubing and recorded corrosion and temperature data for the hostile conditions of downhole operation. The sensitivity of the system enables the film persistence of inhibitors to be evaluated in actual operating conditions.

The DCMS tool can be attached to a variety of wireline-approved running tools for insertion into the production well at the start of testing and retrieval from the well at the end of the testing period. It can be set at any required depth and wherever the most critical corrosion regions are located. Several DCMS tools can run simultaneously in a well and under the same operating conditions, obtaining corrosion data for the different depths.

Call: 800-635-6898.

Visit: www.cosasco.com.


Kistler has announced STASA QC plastics injection molding process optimization software. STASA QC is designed to optimize the machinery parameters, including process stabilization, shortened cycle times and production efficiencies. This is critical to zero-defect medical, automotive, electrical component, optical and liquid silicone rubber plastics injection-molding operations.

STASA QC is based on a repeatable systematic design of experiments (DoE) method for determining best machinery setting operating points, as well as online processes.

The DoE method allows for machinery behavior simulation and visualization, which prevents unnecessary experiments. All parts created from these experiments and their associated geometries are analyzed to determine best machinery settings. All mathematical calculations occur in the background, with a minimum number of tests required to run at various parameter settings.

Call: 888-547-8537.

Visit: www.kistler.com.

Surface-evaluation system

Mahr Federal has added a skidless surface-evaluation system to its line of mobile surface metrology systems. The MarSurf M 400 features proprietary motorized probe height adjustment that zeros the probe in seconds.

It also has a magnetic breakaway probe mounting system that protects sensitive probes from accidental damage. The MarSurf M 400 measures in common international parameters, and features Bluetooth connectivity between the measuring system and the evaluation unit with an integrated thermal printer.

Skidless tracing of surface characteristics allows the capture of primary, waviness and roughness profiles for the evaluation of more complex parameters. The magnetic probe mounting system also protects delicate probes.

The measuring unit can be used alone in different orientations, in combination with various accessories or mounted on a measuring stand.

Call: 800-343-2050.

Visit: www.mahr.com.

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