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Abstract:Everyone possesses a certain amount of creativity, but it sometimes takes effort to draw out that creativity. The ASQ Quality Management Division has defined an innovation management process that begins with finding an opportunity, connecting it with a solution, making the solution user friendly and getting the idea to market. Ideas can be harvested from a team either by pulling ideas from the team as they arise or by pushing the team to generate ideas to a specific purpose. Techniques for drawing ideas from a team include innovation honshin, in which teams are given a problem statement and invited to contribute ideas to solve the problem, and focused individual idea generation, in which team members are instructed to submit two ideas a month related to their work and implementable largely by themselves. Ways to push a team into idea generation include DeepDive, in which team members engage in directed brainstorming to overcome complaints or issues with an existing process or product, the …

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Good, simple and practical. The several methods presented are avidly needed by small and medium size organizations around the world. "You should not waste resources and time with elegant solutions for wrong problems," but you have to start with a solution.
--Savio Capelossi Filho, 08-22-2012

Very interesting article - particularly the practical tips. I have passed this on to my colleagues also for their use.
--Ananth, 06-13-2012

I like the model of innovation. However, I have a slight problem with the ordering of steps. If you're truly charting a path into unknown territory, it will be necessary to get the product or service out to the market prior to refinement just to see if the idea is viable. Refining first can be what a presenter at the World Conference called Type III Waste: an elegant solution to the wrong problem. The model as presented is a great one if the future and the needs of the market are well known. But if not, get something out there and learn from it.
--Stephen Stanley, 06-06-2012

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