Tangled Mess

Abstract:Many production facilities have complicated process flow paths and overworked production lines, both of which can delay the discovery of defects. The separation of quality from normal workflow and high hurdles to the purchase of additional equipment contribute to the failure to address quality issues. Regulatory agencies and the quality community can help by broadening to include factory design for quality in their areas of concern, but there are several steps organizations can take to improve factory quality. Organizing process flow into cell groups with one-to-one responsibility flow simplifies the production and encourages cells and cell members to perform better. Partitioning products into value streams can simplify the quality control of large lots. Investing in equipment to allow for quick changeover and increasing the number of production units can improve the volume on a production line and decrease the incidence of defects without introducing the problems of increased production …

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"Silo Syndrome" was addressed by Deming long ago in his 14 points, specifically Point 9 "Break down barriers."
--Richard Ward, 06-21-2012

@Magritzer: Re: PFI #2: My suggestion would be to click on pdf (top right) and open the pdf version of the article which appeared in Quality Progress (ASQ publication). It has decent font sizes.
--Raj Subramani, 06-19-2012

I was just hired at a company that, I think, really embodies the concept of untangling lines. US Synthetic has done it. Sure we have our problems, but we try to fix them with real solutions that will benefit all sides of the equation.

I am a huge advocate of cellular production, it works.
--Michael Simister, 05-12-2012

PFI (Point For Improvement)-Item 1: On pages 3,4,5 of 7, "SKUs" appears at least 13 times. However, on the 7 pages of the article "Tangled Mass" no explanation is shown of the meaning of SKUs.
PFI item 2: The font size on Figures 1 to 5,could be as a minimum 2 to 3 times larger to ensure most people can read it without magnifying glasses.
Other Comments: Very interesting and useful information and PFIs are noted in this Quality article ,2012 May, by its very experienced author RJS (Richard J. Schonberger).PFI means Point For Improvement. In the name of Quality,
A. P. Lou MAGRITZER; amagritzer@optusnet.com.au (OZ-Lean Six Sigma Partners);Sydney,2.May 2012).
--A. MAGRITZER, 05-01-2012

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