Tools: the Sequel

Your guide to 7 more basic quality tools

In January 2009, we published one of our most popular cover stories ever, "Building from the Basics: The seven essential quality tools." Readers wrote to say how much they appreciated the refresher on "the old seven"—the foundation of any quality pro’s tool box. Quality veterans—who know the tools inside and out—said they were happy to have a neatly packaged assemblage of tools to share with colleagues who were newer to quality.

A few years have gone by, and we thought it was high time to revisit the basics once again. This time, though, we detail the "new seven," as identified by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) in 1976. Its purpose for grouping these tools? To promote ways to innovate, communicate and plan major and complex projects.

We hope you find this sequel, "Beyond the Basics," just as riveting as you did the original. Don’t miss exclusive webcasts with some of the article’s authors at www.qualityprogress.com that will debut this month. And find these and more tools and templates in the Knowledge Center.

While we’re on the subject of movies, what do you get when you cross a star-studded cast with the power of sabermetrics? The critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominated movie "Moneyball," which serves as the basis for the article "Fair or Foul?" Authors I. Elaine Allen and Julia E. Seaman take a deep look at the Moneyball method the Oakland A’s employed beginning in the 2002 season and explain whether the tactic really made a difference long-term for the team. They also reveal whether the method is played out.

To round out our feature roster, we take a look at the common threads present among this year’s Baldrige recipients. While the organizations themselves couldn’t be more different, all used the Baldrige criteria as the basis for vast quality improvements—think 98% customer satisfaction scores or a 40% drop in expensive ER visits. 

Get a glimpse into how these four organizations achieved Baldrige-level excellence in "One Size Fits All." 

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