Data logger

Onset’s Hobo UX90 occupancy and light logger is a matchbox-sized, LCD-display data logger that tracks building occupancy and light usage to pinpoint areas in a building that could benefit from occupancy sensors and other energy-saving initiatives.

Building owners, facility managers, energy auditors and lighting contractors will use the data loggers to collect time-stamped data documenting each time room occupancy or lighting status changes. The UX90 data loggers streamline energy audits

After data has been recorded with the logger, it can be viewed in graph form using accompanying HOBOware software and printed for use in reports. The data also can be exported to Microsoft Excel for more detailed analysis.

Call: 800-564-4377.

Visit: www.onsetcomp.com.


Mueller Electric has announced models BU-46A-XL and BU-46C-XL, a series of miniature plier-style clips with long polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulators, designed for applications in which additional shielding may be required, such as testing, trickle charging and timing.

The model BU-46A-XL is constructed of copper-plated steel and is rated to 50 amps, and the BU-46C-XL is constructed of solid copper and is rated to 75 amps, with a heavy-duty plated spring and matched clinching ears to grip the wire securely at the end of the leg. The clips are assembled with PVC insulators in red or black with crimp or solder connection. Jaws are also able to secure solidly on terminals, with quick and secure wire attachment.

Call: 800-955-2629.

Visit: www.muellerelectric.com.


CHARTrunner Lean from PQ Systems retrieves data from various sources and presents it for statistical process control charting and analysis. Data can be retrieved from the following:

  • Microsoft Access.
  • SQL Server.
  • Microsoft Excel.

CHARTrunner Lean updates your charts in real time. After you create a chart, you can save and reuse your chart or series of charts. Each time you open a chart, it automatically grabs the latest source data and updates with a new chart. You can also set a specific refresh interval for any chart to update with the latest data so you can make timely decisions.

When browsing created charts, you can easily find the chart you need by viewing thumbnail images. Multiple charts can be displayed on one screen and arranged with a click of the mouse. CHARTrunner Lean also can evaluate your data in various chart formats.

Call: 800-777-3020.

Visit: www.pqsystems.com.

Pressure transducer

Setra Systems’ AccuSense model ASM is a pressure transducer designed to provide overpressure protection within demanding test environments.

The pressure transducers are temperature compensated, with a total error band of less than ±0.25% full scale, minimizing thermal errors and making outputs unaffected by environmental temperature shifts. A hydrophobic porous plug at the top of the unit also protects its recessed air vent from environmental contaminants.

The model ASM is ideal for high-tech industrial, laboratory R&D and test cell requirements, including engine diagnostics, refrigeration testing, engine dynamometer testing and analysis.

Call: 800-257-3872.

Visit: www.setra.com.


Olympus Stream image analysis software version 1.7 streamlines the process so users can accomplish complex applications in material science laboratories. The latest version of the software features high dynamic-range imaging, streamlined document storage and retrieval and imaging, data-handling and reporting tools.

Version 1.7’s high dynamic-range imaging is useful when displaying images with dark and bright areas that require viewing, measuring or analysis. Users also can load and save acquisition parameters directly in the camera control tool window, batch process images in macros, analyze multiple images and output results to a single spreadsheet.

Call: 484-896-5792.

Visit: www.olympus-ims.com.

Data acquisition module

Ipetronik’s M-RTD compact, four-channel analog mobile data acquisition module is designed to support extreme vehicle testing requirements in an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

It has the capability to accept up to four resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensor inputs and four individual RTD current sensor outputs. The M-RTD features galvanic isolation on all electrical and data connections, with components housed within a compact and lightweight anodized aluminum Venclosure. When used with the supplied software, it offers real-time analytical measurements and simultaneous data storage capabilities of different formats.

The M-RTD is ideal for HVAC, climate control and thermal systems testing.

Call: 866-777-6220.

Visit: www.ipetronik.com.

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