Email Matters

Abstract:Emails are generally considered to be part of the 80 percent of organizations' data that is unstructured, not lending itself to standard storage and retrieval methods. The architecture, engineering, and construction industries have a greater need than most to be able to produce hard copies of e-mail correspondence. Global engineering consulting firm Arup needed a quality assurance compliant method of managing electronic documents. Initially, five separate offices were developing solutions; a teleconference among the key players determined that the London plan was the most suitable. The company supported the development of the London plan with some changes suggested by other plans. The interface was built in Microsoft Outlook for ease of use, messages were stored with other project documentation to streamline collaboration and communication, and search was enabled both by message content and by project. To ensure long term usability even if the system was discontinued, emails would be stored …

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Great to see software solutions that balance multiple requirements and lift efficiency of information retrieval.
--Bernd Nurnberger, 04-08-2012

Excellent article. Businesses from small to corporation sizes should evaluate their processes of storing and retrieving email, then consider what actions are required to maintain, improve or change for the future.
--Margaret Wright, 03-24-2012

Eye opener !! Excellent paper on the risks of poor email management common in most organisations
--Vivek Namboodiripad, 03-24-2012

Fantastic read! This type of business record quality management is exactly what highly regulated industries need to provide absolute transparency to both customers and governments. Instant contextual search results of all enterprise data will be the only way forward for businesses both large and small.
--Chris, 03-22-2012

For too long, this important topic, which has a direct effect on an organisation's efficiency and cost, has been treated as inconsequential.
--Vimal O.K., 03-22-2012

First rate paper, really sets out the issues with sound basis for arguments.
--Jeff Ryall, 03-21-2012

--, 03-21-2012

Excellent example of IT focusing on business needs and partnering with the organization.
--Geoff, 03-13-2012

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