Heidenhain has released the latest version of Quadra-Chek metrology software. The software provides advanced functionality for inspection measurement machines, and allows you to perform 2D and 3D measuring tasks.

3D-profiling capabilities provide measurement and graphic evaluation of 3D contours using multi-sensor and tactile measuring machines. This option, used for profile measurements, can import a 3D CAD file and compare it with the actual measured part.

The software features a part programming support compensation for the thermal behavior of products that experience  shrinkage or growth of material during the manufacturing process. This allows you to write a single inspection program for measuring.

Improvements also were added to currently existing radial and palletize methods of automatic part programming routines. These methods help users when there are common features or parts that repeat angularly, around a datum, or based on a palletized grid layout.

Call: 847-490-1191.

Visit: www.heidenhain.us.


3M has designed an ergonomic line of hard hats and helmets made with SABIC’s innovative plastics business’ lightweight Xenoy and Lexan optical quality resins.

The 3M Versaflo M-series respiratory headgear uses custom-colored Xenoy polycarbonate/polybutylene terephthalate resin for headgear shells and visor frames. Water-clear Lexan is used for the visors and provides optical quality and high-impact resistance.

The 3M Versaflo M-series hard hats and helmets are designed for protection in workplaces such as foundries, automotive refinishing facilities, chemical plants and construction sites.

Call: 413-448-7795.

Visit: www.sabic-ip.com.

Linear position sensors

Turck’s Q-track family of linear position sensors now includes the QR14 and Q17 models. The compact, non-contact inductive sensors deliver repeatable measurements in applications with spacing limitations and harsh environments.

Turck’s linear inductive sensor operation is based on the RLC resistance inductance capacitance principle. Because the position element does not contain a magnet, it can be used in metalworking applications because it will not attract ferrous debris.

Additionally, the inductively coupled position element provides non-contact position feedback ideal for use in applications with constant motion, such as pinch rollers, cylinder position, web tension control, pitch control, resisting damage and workshop floor downtime.

Call: 800-544-7769.

Visit: www.turck.us.

Moisture quality control

Decagon Devices’ AquaLab Vapor Sorption Analyzer allows scientists to better measure moisture in products and pinpoint quality control issues. The way a product is influenced by temperature and humidity changes can reveal details about physical and chemical changes that end shelf life. This type of measurement is called an isotherm.

Isotherm generation technology tracks changes in the amount of moisture in a product as water activity changes. Isotherms hold the key to understanding hidden details of food and pharmaceutical products.

The AquaLab Vapor Sorption Analyzer can provide insight into product development, shelf-life estimation, packaging calculations, temperature abuse modeling and component mixing models in hours instead of weeks.

Call: 800-755-2751.

Visit: www.aqualab.com.

Configurable counting indicator

Counterpart from Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a configurable counting indicator that can convert almost any scale base into an intelligent piece-counting device for parts of every shape and size. Counterpart uses a configuration method to adjust to the parameters and resolution of an attached scale base. It also connects with barcode scanners, label printers and inventory management software.

Users can view weight, piece weight, description and quantity all at the same time. Counterpart only requires a 10-piece default sample. It also provides features necessary for better inventory control and record keeping.

Call: 800-472-6703.

Visit: www.ricelake.com.

Air-pressure regulators

Marsh Bellofram has released the Type 41 high-performance air-pressure regulator series, which is designed to support demanding industrial and original equipment manufacturing flow monitoring requirements.

The Type 41’s design allows it to be used as a drop-in replacement for other manufacturers’ models, particularly in applications where high-flow capacity, low droop at high flow, repeatable accuracy, fine adjustment sensitivity or panel mounting may be required. Typical applications include constant flow monitoring, low or zero-flow monitoring, downstream flow and corrosive environment air-pressure monitoring.

Call: 800-727-5646.

Visit: www.marshbellofram.com.

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