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Positive psychology’s role in results

Often, the obstacles that exist inside people’s minds are the most difficult to surmount. Bad attitudes and lack of buy-in among team members can quickly bring a project or initiative to its knees.

Anyone who has ever been challenged to change the status quo and "sell" a concept knows change doesn’t come easy. And given the practical, scientific basis of lean Six Sigma environments, companies must be especially careful not to forget the human factor—the anxieties, stresses and concerns of employees. Positive psychology can help leaders make positive experiences the norm.

This approach toward behavior and personality is aimed at highlighting what is best and most desirable in human behaviors. The authors of "The Power of Positive" explain how the define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC) framework can be applied in the context of positive psychology to improve productivity and efficiency among workforces.

The article provides valuable insights (and some reminders) about ways to support and nurture employees to achieve the optimum result for all.

Also aligning with this issue’s lean theme, "Wasted Words" details how using a circle diagram can help organizations reduce unnecessary communication to make processes more efficient. Effective communication is a challenge almost everywhere. This article may help you make some beneficial changes to your current processes to trim what’s unnecessary.

In "Taking the Wheel" author John Goodman makes the case for why quality should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to steering customer experience. Customer experience is certainly all the buzz in the corporate world today but doesn’t seem to be infiltrating the quality profession like it could. Goodman advocates taking notice and getting involved.

Do you have aspirations to be your organization’s next (or first) chief customer officer? You just might after reading this article.

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