Precision measurement

Taylor Hobson has introduced a metrology instrument that is able to perform three core measurements on a single platform: roundness, form and surface finish. The Talyrond 500 series uses rotary, vertical and horizontal measuring datums to duplicate a machine tool’s movement and reproduce the workpiece shape.

The Talyrond 500 is suited for measuring applications, including precision bearings, fuel injectors, crankshafts and turbocharger parts. It features a high-resolution gage and low axis noise for linear or circumferential surface roughness measurement. It also has a frictionless air-bearing spindle and precision column for roundness, cylindricity and straightness measurements.

Email: sales@taylorhobson.com.

Visit: www.taylor-hobson.com.

Power supply

Meggitt Sensing Systems has introduced the Endevco model 2793, a 16-channel power supply and signal conditioner designed to accept inputs from piezoelectric transducers and remote charge converters (RCC) within a high-impedance measurement system.

Each channel of the model 2793 offers constant current excitation, either 4 mA or 10 mA for the transducer or RCC, with all outputs buffered for driving long cables. The signal conditioning unit offers a wide frequency range of 1 Hz to 80 kHz. LED status indicators inform the user of short, open or normal operating conditions. This ensures greater test setup reliability.

The model 2793 is ideal for the support of general purpose vibration laboratory testing, aerospace and automotive test cells.

Call: 949-487-7122.

Visit: www.meggittsensingsystems.com.


Intelligrated’s InControlWare is a suite of warehouse control software products that covers everything from material flow control to machine control for automated material handling systems.

InControlWare has the capability to manage both machine and operational resources. The software streamlines workflows and tracks equipment use and order fulfillment. It is designed to meet the needs of e-commerce, retail and automated distribution industries.

InControlWare can be integrated as a complete warehouse control system or as individual products. It provides visibility into operations, orders, inventory, fulfillment and machine performance. It also features a reporting system.

Call: 866-936-7300.

Visit: www.intelligrated.com.

Low-g range chips

Silicon Designs has released the LG series of low-g range chips and modules. The LG series is designed to support zero-to-medium frequency aerospace, automotive, defense, energy and industrial test and measurement requirements.

The LG Series provides high-drive, low-impedance buffering for high-reliability performance in temperatures up to 125°C. The chips are designed with a rugged, anodized aluminum housing. Series accelerometer modules produce two analog voltage outputs that vary with acceleration and feature a four-wire connection. This supports single-ended and differential modes. Sensitivity is independent from the +8 to +32V supply voltage.

Call: 425-391-8329.

Visit: www.silicondesigns.com.

Piston gage

Fluke Calibration’s PG9602 piston gage was developed with the requirements of National Measurement Institutes and researchers in mind. Improved piston gage design and measurement of operating conditions reduce sources of uncertainty in the determination of pressure. A 100 kg mass load provides a wide range defined by each piston-cylinder assembly and enables improved overlap of piston cylinders for inter-comparison.

The automated mass-handling technology allows for unattended testing, establishes a better reference vacuum and improves long-term mass stability. The PG9602 piston gage, combined with Fluke Calibration’s PG9607 50 mm piston gage, enables realization and dissemination of pressure values to 10 MPa with very low uncertainties that are directly traceable to dimensional measurements.       

Compass calibration management software is offered to support complete test system automation, including some cross-float setups, without the need for custom programming.

Call: 800-443-5853.

Visit: www.fluke.com.

Vent port calibration connector

FasTest’s VP series of vent port calibration connectors are designed for insertion into a transmitter vent port, allowing calibration without disconnecting an instrument. The vent port plug is removed and a connector is inserted and tightened onsite. By facilitating calibration directly on a transmitter’s bleed port, VP series connectors save time required for removal, transport back to the shop and reinstallation.

The VP series connectors do not require a backup device. They provide an alternative when calibration is required or desired in the field.

Call: 800-444-2373.

Visit: www.fastestinc.com.

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