New way to lead

In the article "Lead On" (January 2012), I especially enjoyed the leadership style/resonance function table that briefly summarized the leadership skills and emotional qualities they evoke from others. A brief suggestion, "when to apply," was also given. I plan to follow up by reading some of the references at the end of the article.

I have been a believer in win-win strategies for years because they almost always work and strengthen relationships for the long term. Valuing others and respecting their contributions brings a spiritual quality into relationships in the workplace that I find essential and rewarding.

Bruce Blakeley

Math that makes sense

"Fail-Safe FMEA" (January 2012) is a good article. I was particularly interested in the explanation of the cause and effect matrix. Our company calls it a correlation matrix and just counts the number of boxes that have a number in them. That never really made sense to me. Cross-multiplying and addition makes much more sense; it shows where the critical areas are that you should focus on first.

Tim Imhoff
Etters, PA

More global lessons

In the November 2011 QP article "All Over the Map," Peter Merrill did an excellent job identifying the keys to being a truly innovative organization. The country-by-country analysis presented in this article requires further analysis and enhancements.

Merrill cited dismal R&D spending and government corruption as factors influencing innovation in India. But there are also a few other key factors worth mentioning.

The insufficient supply of transport, information and communication technology, and energy infrastructure are a few of the main factors. The global business community often cites them as the biggest hindrances to invest in the country.

Another factor is brain drain, in which the best and brightest Indian students decide to travel west to pursue higher education and careers. The quality of higher education at the master’s degree and doctoral levels in India needs significant improvements, and links between industry and higher-education institutions must be strengthened.

Also, one of the references cited in this article has been updated. The latest report published by the World Economic Forum can be found at http://reports.weforum.org/global-competitiveness-2011-2012. Based on the latest report, the United States continues to show a declining trend when it comes to innovation, and Switzerland has replaced Japan as the top-ranked innovative country.

Kishore Erukulapati
Renton, WA

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