The Power of Positive

Abstract:While lean Six Sigma efforts have led to unprecedented quality improvements, they lack a human element. Positive psychology, which focuses on good and desirable human behaviors, can add that element, addressing the anxiety and stress of individual workers to achieve still greater levels of quality. Each of the stated tenets of positive psychology corresponds with a phase of the DMAIC process. The define phase corresponds to the tenet of creating clear and observable goals. The measure phase relates to the providing specific and immediate feedback to workers. The equivalent of the analyze phase in positive psychology is the matching of skills and strengths to the challenges a worker is presented with. Positive psychology's coaching and mentoring tenets match the improve phase of DMAIC. The control phase, concerned with reproducibility, is represented by the tenet of performance ritual and …

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Very well said and written. Very good one to implement
--Nada Abdallah, 04-12-2014

Enlightening article, gave me some ideas on how to improve what we are doing. Thank you.
--G. Martin, 06-29-2013

This is the real secret to succeed in order to improve any business through six sigma or other quality tools.
--Victor Cavazos Sada, 06-21-2012

Pretty progressive thinking in this article that I found useful. Merging positive psychology with the DMAIC approach has certainly made me look deeper into this relationship and I am grateful for the article.
--Russell Lindquist, 05-11-2012

Sad to say this reads like an opinion piece. For example, can the authors actually quote a reference to Deming specifically using the term 'positive psychology'? Perhaps the authors should read again the piece a few months ago on the failures of six sigma as well.
--Han van Loon, 04-17-2012

Excellent approach in solving an age-old problem.
--Linda Linnus, 03-27-2012

Good information. Recommended.
--Rajeev, 02-19-2012

Excellent article that shows the key things that some of us already relate to, like DMAIC.
--Tricia L. Wright, 02-09-2012

While having known the basic "7 steps of QC story approach" in Japanese parlance , the concise way of presentation in 5 steps in this article is very good. Thanks.
--S.Kannan, 02-06-2012

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