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Abstract:An important but often overlooked part of an effective quality management system (QMS) is employee support. A commitment from top management and involvement of people at all levels of the organization are important to getting employees to participate in a QMS. Organizations should communicate to all employees that quality needs to be an individual concern to every one of them. They should also emphasize that quality is an ongoing process of improvement, not a temporary goal to be reached. In particular, ISO 9001 certification should not be seen as the end result of a QMS but a milestone along the way. One of the most effective QMS strategies an organization can use is W. Edwards Deming's plan-do-check-act …

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It's true that people don't like quality because they hate paperwork. People don't read procedures and manuals because they always say they're too busy. This article can help a lot of organizations realize that the involvement of people, especially the commitment of top management, is key to implementing quality.
--Raicel Ballarbare, 06-07-2012

A article that showcases the fact that people involvement and contribution is a must to improve the QMS in an organization.
--M.J.Ravi, 02-14-2012

We are all struggling to convince people that quality is not extra work, but rather is the tool and philosophy that eliminates their extra work and customer dissatisfaction.
--Masahiro Fukuda, 02-07-2012

Helpful and provide a fast guide to focus in the involvement of the people like the base to start any change or improvement in the QMS.
--Jorge Gallegos, 02-06-2012

--Christine Sigler, 02-06-2012

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