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Abstract:Emotional intelligence (EI), the ability to recognize one’s own and others’ feelings and manage them effectively, can help organizations deal with suppliers more effectively. A leader using EI forms an emotional bond with followers to empower the entire organization to work better. When dealing with suppliers, the first step is to interact with the supplier rather than the product, facilitating the development of a partnership between organization and supplier. Visionary and coaching leadership styles, which motivate toward a shared vision and align the follower’s goals with the organizations, help make suppliers effective partners and improve their quality …

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This was an excellent article on this subject. It provides a whole new perspective about supplier management.
--Tanweer Imam, 01-27-2012

A good article that brings insight into the transformation required to guide the organisation in inculcating the change of culture.
--Cyril Danthi, 01-18-2012

This article is truly insightful and reinforces the type of "cultural change" we are trying to instill at our company--a greater concern for our customer and a good, as well as clear, understanding of our customer-supplier interfaces. By creating empathy with our suppliers and understanding their needs and expectations, we will open the door to improved customer services while still allowing and helping our suppliers to perform to their best capacity and also creating a mutual, trust-based relationship.
--Cynthia Van-Dunem, 01-12-2012

I have been a believer in win-win strategies for years because they almost always work and strengthen relationships for the long term. Valuing others and respecting their contributions brings a spiritual quality into relationships in the workplace that I find essential and rewarding. I especially enjoyed the leadership style/resonance function table that briefly summarized the leadership skills and emotional qualities they evoke from others. A brief suggestion, "when to apply" was also given. I plan to follow up by reading some of the references at the end of the article. Thanks.
--Bruce Blakeley, 01-09-2012

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