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Earlier this year, ManpowerGroup reported that 52% of U.S. employers are having difficulty filling mission-critical positions—up from only 14% in 2010.

But how could that be, with unemployment in the 9% range?

Perhaps organizations are just getting pickier about who they hire. So says Peter Cappelli in his article, "Why Companies Aren’t Getting the Employees They Need," (Wall Street Journal, Oct. 24, 2011).

"With an abundance of workers to choose from, employers are demanding more of the job candidates than ever before," he wrote. "They want prospective workers to be able to fill a role right away, without any training or ramp-up time."

So, what does this mean for quality professionals? And, as we unveil the results of the 2011 QP Salary Survey in this issue, how does this significant piece of data play into salaries and job prospects? You can look at it in a couple different ways.

  • Honing your skills as they relate to your job responsibilities—or the job you want—is completely possible and can be profitable. In fact, according to this year’s results, sometimes a training course or certification provides almost as much value salary-wise as a degree. The right skills for the right jobs garner a premium.
  • If you’re seeking a different position or a career move, it makes the best fiscal sense to focus your search on the organizations that value and reward the skills, experience and qualifications you bring to the table. Not every organization does. Do your research and find the best match.

This year’s salary survey shows modest growth but encouraging trends in quality. The average salary for a quality professional in the United States is $87,086, up about 2% over the previous year. The QP report also shows some noteworthy trends with regard to how education, certification and training translate to higher salaries and better jobs. You’ll find analysis and our report at www.qualityprogress.com/salarysurvey.

We’ve also got plenty of related tools and supplementary content, including a webcast and audio interview with survey author Max Christian Hansen, and … drum roll please … the new online salary calculator tool, which makes researching and comparing salaries quick and easy. Find it all online at www.qualityprogress.com/salarysurvey.

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