Salary Survey 2011: Land the Big One

Abstract:One resource quality professionals can leverage into larger salaries is certifications. Certifications can lead to large salary changes, but only for certain positions. For instance, data from the 2011 QP Salary Survey shows that a safety engineer with the ASQ reliability engineer certification can expect to earn over $21,000 more per year than one without the certification. Certifications can also help compensate for a lack of degree and make prospective employers more willing to consider an applicant, but not all employers have an interest in ASQ certification or quality in general. This knowledge is just one way that professionals can leverage data from the salary survey to their …

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This article helps a young quality professional like myself understand the positive and negative values of certifications. Having a strategy is key and can change the way you are paid and valued for your assets.
--Joshua Cooper, 03-08-2013

Great article!! Will help me in July 2013 ; also in interviews
--Dr Ajay Gujar, 02-28-2013

This article is very helpful, and need to show it to some management personnel so, they can reconsider there position and value more the certification and/or credentials some people have and paid then a respectful salaries
--Luis Matias, 12-27-2012

The salary data maybe skewed a little because the type of industrial that the person is working in really determines the salary levels. i.e.; Commercial verse Government funded programs. 12/3/12
--Charles, 12-03-2012

Thank You so much! This is the type of inspiration and information that helps.
--Troy E Wolfe, 10-25-2012

Where are they getting the full-time salary numbers?? I find it hard to believe that the average salary is mid 80's...let's try 50's. I am from the northeast, too...go figure...
--R.B., 10-17-2012

More informative and interesting than I anticipated. I will seek out similar articles in QP more often in the future. Thanks!
--Scott Lawley, 05-30-2012

very informative
--Shelly Hunt, 05-21-2012

very informative.
--hussain, 05-07-2012

This was very helpful in deciding whehther or not to pursue additional certifications. I am currently still enrolled in a degree program and I am waiting to see how my first certification will impact/improve my career.
--Jeremy, 04-05-2012

Very informative. It gives me more motivation.
--Theophilus, 04-03-2012

Very informative.
--Georgie Mathew, 03-20-2012

Very informative.
--Richard L. killen, 01-04-2012

How many years experience is that current $87,000 based on?
--rob, 12-08-2011

This article is good for us to know the market of quality.
--shige.yu, 12-07-2011

Article was informative and helpful to those outside of U.S.A.
--Vimal Oomman K., 12-05-2011

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