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New voices show promise for the future

We don’t always come right out and say it, but the editors here at QP get pretty excited about the articles we publish. We have a sense of what articles you’ll enjoy, and polishing them up to give to you—and knowing you’ll devour them—is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job.

But much of that excitement occurs behind the scenes in brainstorming meetings as we develop article rosters and while putting final touches on page proofs. It happens in our team meetings or when we get a gracious note of thanks from a reader.

This month, though, I can’t help but gush about our "40 New Voices of Quality" feature. We asked you, QP readers, to nominate someone under 40 whose contributions to quality deserve honor and recognition. Profiles of the top 40 are available on QP’s New Voices of Quality webpage.

What’s most exciting is not just what these individuals have accomplished in their relatively brief careers, but what they will bring to the future of quality.

This elite group represents the passion and drive of the younger members of the profession. Much of that same passion is felt among members of ASQ’s Young Quality Professionals (YQP) network, which was created to encourage networking among younger professionals: http://community.asq.org/networks/young_quality_professionals_yqp.

YQP’s cofounder, Lori Dellinger, (also one of the 40 voices) says it best: "Quality practitioners are continuously learning and inspired by those who have come before us; however, we must keep adding new voices in quality to bring forward new insights and ideas that will sustain and grow the quality community."

To hear more of what Dellinger has to say, check out this month’s Author Audio at http://media.asq.org/106038/web.mp3.

The YQP online community is open to anyone, regardless of ASQ member status. You need only create a profile and ask to join to get the networking benefits, including the ability to ask questions about anything and get responses from your peers.

So, if you fall into this demographic (and even if you don’t), take the opportunity to join this growing community of new voices, and invite your friends and colleagues to follow suit. The future, as they say, is now.

It’s important, however, to remember the past. Last month, quality lost a true visionary and leader with the death of former Motorola CEO and Six Sigma innovator Bob Galvin. For more on his contributions, see this month’s Keeping Current.

And don’t forget that November is World Quality Month. Be sure to visit the WQM microsite at www.worldqualitymonth.org to join in the celebration.

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Seiche Sanders

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