High-speed camera

Photron has released the Fastcam SA6 high-definition and high-speed camera, which is ideal for automotive, military, broadcast, particle velocimetry and digital image correlation applications.

The Fastcam provides up to 1,500 frames per second (fps) at high-definition resolution. By reducing the camera’s resolution, the speed can be increased to 75,000 fps with a minimum global electronic shutter time of 2.7 microseconds. Photron provides C and F-lens mounts with the camera.

The camera features light sensitivity and low-noise operation due to micro lenses designed to focus the maximum available light onto the light-gathering portion of the 10-micron square thermoelectric cooled pixel.

Call: 800-585-2129.

Visit: www.photron.com.

Gaging system

Macro Sensors’ Eazy-Gage Bundle for linear position gaging provides a fully calibrated and complete system ready for immediate operation. Ideal applications for the Eazy-Gage Bundle include dimensional or position measurement in automotive factories, forges and foundries, metal fabricating shops, paper or plastic film plants, industrial process automation applications and process control.

The Eazy-Gage Bundle is intended for operators without the equipment or ability to perform calibrations and field installations where calibration is not practical. The Bundle also eliminates the need to specify electronics and gage heads from different sources and calibrates them together.

Call: 856-662-8000.

Visit: www.macrosensors.com.

Data collector

The model 600 handheld data collector from ASI Datamyte is under one pound and offers data in real time and on site. The model 600 clarifies complex auditing routines and patterns through graphical illustrations. Operators can take on complicated assemblies containing hundreds of fasteners and joints.

Detailed on-screen instructions reduce uncertainty. The model 600’s 640 x 480 high resolution brings together images and data on its colored screen. Auditors and operators can answer questions in real time and reduce the amount of time required to perform audits and collect test data. TranSend II software can be added to simplify data transfer.

Call: 800-455-4359.

Visit: www.asidatamyte.com.

Motion control stages

Newport Corp. has introduced a series of FMS precision linear stages. The motion control stages are designed for use in surface profiling, tribology, contact and non-contact metrology, or white-light interferometry.

The stainless steel stages permit straightness and flatness, thermal stability, and bidirectional and unidirectional repeatability. The anti-creep roller bearings enable smooth motion with minimal noise.

The FMS series are available in three options: 100 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm. They are ideal for metrology applications, but other applications include scribing, micro-machining and delay lines.

Call: 949-863-3144.

Visit: www.newport.com.

Broadband anti-reflective coatings

Deposition Sciences has announced a wide-angle broadband anti-reflection coating for gimbal windows and detector assemblies. The coatings are suitable for unmanned aircraft systems and provide a glare-reducing coating on sapphire substrates.

The design is band selective, meaning minimum reflectance can be tuned to a particular detector package while still minimizing glare in the photopic spectral sensitivity range of the human eye.

Testing is performed on the coated windows according to specifications for humidity, salt-fog, abrasion, temperature cycle, adhesion, solubility and cleanability. Cryogenic and operating temperature measurements can be made between 10-400 Kelvin.

Call: 707-573-6785.

Visit: www.depsci.com.

Load-cell controller

Load Cell Central has released the IPE50, a load-cell controller that is ideal for end users and system integrators. It offers a compact design, DIN rail mounting and 24V DC operation.

This load-cell controller can accept up to four load-cell inputs, eliminating the load-cell summing card needed in traditional weighing systems. It also can be used as a multiscale display, controlling up to four scales with a single indicator.

It features an analog output 0-10V DC, 0-20mA, 4-20mA and digital communications. Two logical inputs and two relay outputs add another dimension to this multifunctional device.

Call: 800-562-3235.

Visit: www.800loadcel.com.

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